🐻 Endangered Bear

:bear: Endangered Bear


It’s sort of like a symbiotic cum parasitic relationship then? RIP SRS


so what, you covered each other when you was on holidays and stuff?


Covered in what? …yuk this could get messy. :face_vomiting:



You are thinking of Pap and Bletch there Gav!


Just asking the question, not like I was requesting pics or vids or anything…


Do you want some ?


Alright, calm down, no need to fight.


It’s exactly that kind of direct moderation that the soviet has been missing.


The Soviet was a fallacy supported by a bunch of phallusies (sic).


That explains why I wasn’t voted in, all makes sense now. Henceforth and forthwith and I am declaring myself as interim President of the Soviet.


Stand by ur beds, benders! I am on-site & monitoring Activities!


The forum is at peace again? Or is it @Tokyo-Saint in disguise, quick let’s check the IPs that they’ve logged in with

Unless they’re clever and are using a VPN my precious


I have few things to Set Straight prob. On matter of tokyos I can confirm tokyos is correct; I have been inside him & sometimes he has been inside me - I didn’t like that so much tho rip.

I can prove separate identity v.easily tho. Just aske me a question that tokyos wouldn’t know, like i.e. how it feels to touch a woman. Or conversely ask tokyos a question I wouldn’t know but he would, like i.e. how it feels to have sex with Optopuds.


I’m Back!


Bear - got loads of your mail to forward to you. What’s the best address or should I just stick it on here? -

Hi bearsy;

We now have most of the pride events in 2018, 111 in total. We are also adding other prides from around the world. Please let us know if you know of any prides we don’t have listed.

We have also been updating all the gay venues in the UK & Ireland and currently have over 1,005 gay and gay friendly venues listed. pride logo
Pink UK is a gay guide to the UK, and has a comprehensive list of the gay venues in the UK with personal’s, UK Pride dates, forum and lots lots more.

Please free to also contact us if you would like to see any other site improvements or have any problems.

Why not add a profile to our dating section which is 100% free


best contact me is fowllyd@hotmail.com or deppo@twitter.com or insta: @tokyosamhomosex

In all srs tho & sry any disappoint, but I am too business to sit & chit-chat right now but if anyone has any burning questions along lines of i.e., “Bearsy, why are you so cool?” post them I will pop back laters tonight prob & do some updates rip

  1. are you full vegetable yet or just baby carrot?
  2. are you full on married ie pussy whipped now?
  3. How come my mrs presses harder on a remote control when she knows the battery is dead?
  4. Can Stevie Wonder see in his dreams?
  5. my ‘mate’ had knob problem (srs) and had to show the doctor. Why did the Dr leave the room while he got undressed but cupped his balls and offered to stick a finger up his arse?





On the day Mrs D_P posts my details on Krakow 's version of Mumsnet saying I’m available for 1 on 1 private sessions for £15 an hour, The Bear pops up.
Certainly gonna have to find time to explain how tge fvck i got away with that…


OH JEEEEZ WHAT HAVE I DONE. :sob: :lou_facepalm_2: