🐻 Endangered Bear

:bear: Endangered Bear


Where’s Brian gone? I miss his silliness.


You put an extra R in that tag, Furball.


I was thinking the same thing myself this very day? He never responded to my jibe the other day, when do we become officially worried?


he was a Cunt. never liked him.


I’m generally too Business to talk to you cunts, but I’m doing as much Lurking as I can to keep touch with Developments!

Normal service will prob be resumed at i.e. some point in near future.




I kidnapped him. He’s in the basement.


Says Cleveland_lou.


Oh yeah, what’s he doing in your ‘basement’?


Tanking it. She’s got a damp problem.


Nothing worse than a musty basement.


Oh man, I need to be more careful with what I say on here!


That’s some top-drawer Carry On humour, right there, Lou.


Bear has been Lou Lou’s bitch but now he’s back



Where is the @bear , has marital bliss finally made him realise that we’re all inconsequential peons living out our lives in a simulation used to power Skynet??


Lou’s basement


@coxford_lou please release @bearsy back into the wild, even if he begs and cries for you to keep him in there!!


So Bear has form for disappearing- Secret black*-ops perhaps?

Maybe his wedding was a sham and he’s off sorting out Syria or Kim Wrong-Un?

*not being racialist obvs.


On my 1st mountain today there were actual signs that said don’ feed the Bears.

IF this had been discourse I could have easily taken and uploaded the picture.

I took a selfie instead.

You don’ want to see that


Another year passes and @Bearsy is still missing.

  1. Is he too busy…running an illicit cross-Channel ferry service from France in an inflatable?
  2. A house-husband caring for quadruplets, products from his super fertile loins?
  3. Still stalking Kat Leibherr?
  4. Opened his own Burger King franchise in Chipping Sodbury?
  5. Faked his own death for tax reasons?

Any sighting?


I say 5 as a result of 4.