🐻 Endangered Bear

:bear: Endangered Bear


Be careful @scotty - this is exactly what Gary Glitter did and that didn’t end well.


The happy bear side of my personality was betrayed and murdered by the forces of evil and found it harder to post joyful stuff. In the end, we were both pretty much killed off. Just an angry ghost exists now, posting when séanced.


I think the Bear should return as cousin of Bear … like them ITV soft shite dramas where after 2 series the lead fucks off but they keep it running with new actors … think shit like Heartbeat

He could be a miserable aggressive fucker who has no humour and likes to Troll … mind you would he stand out on here?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well, I think that might be your ultimate victory, Tokyo. Not only for fooling me for several years, not only being the fiercest opponent I’ve ever had but also for making me love a part of you a lot.

Mystery solved. My immense and eternal respect, you cunt :slight_smile: x


Yeah, but he’s still Scotch(sic).


Which one of you wears heels?


Yeah, which is probably why it all took so long to blow up. I’d have a go at @Lord-Duckhunter for his sweaties comments. Kept Ground Zero at bay, like.


I haven’t said anything. I have been bear at times, he has been me. I have only just unsubscribed from the pink news for when I signed him up to that but put my email address by mistake. We have both posted as each other on different forums but are (probably) different people/bears. Who knows?


Well that’s that cleared up then.

Resume the delicious ambiguity, Sotonians.

@Bearsy I love you.
@Tokyo-Saint - (do the honours please @saintbletch)


Schizophrenia can sometimes be a tough one to call.

My best wishes to you both.


I don’t think it’s that mental. I have a vested interest though. I think my brain is a different person :wink:



He’s calling you a cunt, Toke.


In this place, the only time to worry is when folks stop calling you a cunt


Pap just send me a pair of knickers FAO Bear. Label read ‘From one cunt to another’.


Chapel Kate does not feel that way alas. We remain forever spurned.


Just when I was congratulating myself for nailing the connection…


Double Bluff init :crazy_face:


Anyway, fuck the bear. We need Tokes and friends back as my Japanese is slipping


Or is it?..


No srs, I’ve been him and he’s been me but I’m not him and he’s not me. Not full time anyway.