🐻 Endangered Bear

:bear: Endangered Bear


All the evidence seems to point to @Bearsy being an alter-ego of @Tokyo-Saint

I may be wrong - actually probably very wrong - but when has a bit of idle speculation been a bad thing on here?

Just a bit suspect that stalwarts of the Soviet VIP Champagne Lounge are no longer around…


What was the compelling evidence in your view? I’ve had other people tell me they’re defo two different people.

The one thing I’d say from my own forum war stories is that this sort of thing can teach you a lot of humility if you get it wrong, eh @Barry-Sanchez?


May well be the case @pap

Have no absolutely evidence whatsoever (and why ruin a perfectly good rumour?) but as site admin would you have been able to get any insight such as identifying separate isp addresses at other ends of the country for each at the same time?

It would be a colossal schizo job to keep two distinct personalities if it they were only one person tbh.




Wait till you find out both @Bearsy & @Tokyo-Saint were just @Bucks messing around when bored.


No, I’m @Bearsy and so is my wife…


Well no, not really. First, it’s the sort of things that linguist nerds like @Fowllyd would notice anyway. Second, I’m sure that he’d agree with me that if one were looking to maintain a separate identity, something like Bear, with its own language and generally consistent cheeriness, would be the ideal vessel.


So is there a subtle hint there that @Fowllyd has the capability to be both @Bearsy and @Tokyo-Saint?



I doubt it. @Fowllyd lacks the capability to keep a wallet on his person for two consecutive hours, but is unparalleled in his ability to build an instant conspiracy around it :slight_smile:


He bought me a drink once.

I tell the tale fondly to my family as we while away long dark winters evenings in front of the log fire.


Yeah, I was a bit out of sorts that day.

  1. Bearsy was a tory

  2. He paid shite wages

Four) He was shit at lists.


rip srs


I loved the Bear. I hope that @Cobham-Saint’s theory is bunkum, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

During the Sotonians pub meets, the most frequently voiced theory about Bear was that it some kind of brilliant creative writing exercise.

Tying that to someone writing here already isn’t that much of a stretch.


Somewhere, I still have his 50 shades of grey review. Funny as fuck.


We want @Bearsy back and we want him now

@Bearsy @Bearsy @Bearsy


Dig it out and share?




If I can get the old xp laptop to start, I’ll do that. Can’t promise it’ll work.


Pathetic excuse. Unscrew the HDD find an adaptor and copy it across. Says the man who spent much of last week doing that with all his ancient laptops rather than ship them to POland


Link me to some instructions and 'twill be done.


Turn laptop upside down, unscrew everything.
Go to local geek and say get this working.