🛩 Drone over Gatwick

:small_airplane: Drone over Gatwick


It appears to have been no more than a “oh look, a squirrel” moment.
What else has been going on? Maybe little Gav is up to something.



It seems ok to just print lies. Lots of them and when it’s called out it’s too late and put in teeny print on some back page later. I saw that the s*n printed some drivel about a feud between some z list celebs on that ice skating show. It’s not news, it’s not really in the public interest but they keep on spouting utter rubbish.




Completely exonerated.

Is there any evidence the drones exist?



There is definitely something weird about 200 odd sightings and yet no video footage. Fuck me people film any old shit nowadays.


Equally, it’s no surprise that trial by media gets into gear so quickly. It has already been very well practised in assigning guilt without evidence.


I feel sorry for them, I do, but I can’t help feeling they’re playing this up big time going for a big compensation pay out.

And I hope it’s the media that has to pay it and not the police


That’s a given, and that’s as it should be, I reckon.

Plenty of people to pursue and all, from the coppers that seemed to nick them on the strength of “having drones”, to the Mail that asked if these people were the morons that ruined Christmas.


This is fucking hilarious. There’s no proof of any drone being out there. The Old Bill had many of their own drones up, looking for the drone as well, which could well account for the high number of confirmed sightings.

“Of course, we will have launched our own Sussex police drones at the time with a view to investigate, with a view to engage, with a view to survey the area looking for the drone, so there could be some level of confusion there.”




So someone says “I seen a drone” and the police put theirs up, so forcing airport closure.
Airport closed by authorities around the time the White Helmets(terrorist, if you don’t speak propaganda) need evacuating by their masters. Strange coincidence?


Uh,oh…now it’s Heathrow

Lol :joy:


Manchester Airport’s new slogan.

“Fly from Manchester. It isn’t London!”

How I never ended up in advertising I’ll never know :wink:


Christ. Someone spots a Hawk they use to chase birds away from Jet Engines hovering and the country comes to a stand still.
You don’t need Brexit to destroy transport you can do it yourselves


Real or imaginary?
Who’s piloting it, Skripal, Putin or Assad?
Good timing, just as they announced new laws to take away more of our freedom(didn’t announce how much though, but you can guarantee it’s just gone up).
I’m starting to wonder if Putin/Assad don’t really work for our SS.


Deflection technique from the Govt because of all the shit news going around maybe?



Are kids up north still allowed catapults and air rifles?
That’s why there are no drones worrying Manchester.


They’re not allowed those things, no.

They’re not allowed shotguns either, but they seem to get their hands on them :wink: