🛩 Drone over Gatwick

:small_airplane: Drone over Gatwick


Nah, but see my two posts immediately above that have been edited.


The message disappeared when I reposted


Are you saying there is no drone, just a shit detection system, that’s on the blink.
That’ll cheer all the holidaymakers up :joy:


'cos it doesn’t like you :man_shrugging:


Fair point.



I see what it is now.

There is a new default feature that removes quoted text if you quoted all of the post.

The idea being that if you quote all of the post, Discourse will simply link to the quoted post and remove the quoted text from your reply.

If you only quoted a subset of the post it would allow that to stand.

Either way I’ve turned this off now so should be back to how it used to behave.


Great. Thanks @saintbletch. I think.

I have no idea about all this technomancy - It was all so much simpler when you could press reply, type some shit and press send.


Looks like they have nicked a man and a woman in connection with this


Theresa and Phil?


I’m sure there is a high tech solution.




Police have arrested a window fitter from Crawley.

People who put glass in houses shouldn’t fly drones.


Not a good day for the Police or msm. Innocents plastered all over the press.
In coming compensation claims due


There’s someone else who needs to be arrested for that



What the actual fuck is going on?


Not a drone in Birmingham then.


It really is pathetic isn’t it? What the fuck is going on? Would be very interested to see Bazzas take on this, Peter Hitchens isn’t exactly a Liberal and i certainly have no brief for him. Would Bazza like to comment on Hitchen’s take on Syria? And Russia?


There is something very suspicious about this, terror alert? Blackmail? Espionage? Foreign forces at play?

Will we know the truth?

Probably not.


Obviously Novichok in an Easy jet passenger’s hand luggage in arrivals hall.

Or Albert Ponsoby Smythe at 45 Acacia Avenue Crawley has finally realised he forgot to clean his glasses and confused a drop of HP Sauce from his lunch for a Drone & called the cops