🛩 Drone over Gatwick

:small_airplane: Drone over Gatwick


I wonder if something bigger is in the pipeline. All the 77th brigade trolls seem to be working overtime lately. Whatever it is, Russia done it.
Wonder if they’ll reintroduce bellendcat to solve the mystery. I’m tempted to put my picture on a couple of Russian social media sites, just to see if i end up on a wall :lou_facepalm_2:


If you can stop them sawing off the barrels they would probably have the range to take down a drone.


Funny it happens on a day that Heathrow announce plans to significantly increase the number of flights landing and leaving from the airport before any third runway is built.

Not a lot of happy campers under existing and new flight paths - and less noise respite time.


Well spotted. Their complaints will now be dismissed for NATIONAL SECURITY(as in we’re so fucking inept, we need more money).
Have a look for a torys family that have conveniently just set up a company to deal with drone registration and that’ll be the backhander.


Oh aye, and when the cheque clears, Portia will stop making the hoax calls about spotting drones near airports.

Problem solved, init? :slight_smile:


If my surname was cabin, that would have been been my daughters name as well.