🛩 Drone over Gatwick

:small_airplane: Drone over Gatwick


Look up how much ground Gatwick covers. It’s not difficult to work out safe range.

They’ve said they haven’t(they could of course be lying again). You don’t need the DVLA, just enough people that have the gift of sight and some vehicles. Where was the police helicopters and drones(they do have them)?
Did they learn nothing from Salisbury about making fools of themselves.


Ok you know best. I am out of touch.


I have no idea what is going on and i wonder if that’s deliberate. Just mentioning some obvious problems, that should be easily dealt with, by any 3rd world country(or anyone with enough money to buy the drone in the @pap video).
Remember how long one of our major airports was put out of commission and how many people that affected.
That’s embarrassing and not even catching them over such a long time frame, just adds insult to injury. What a shambles.


More than anything else, it’s an example of how laws don’t mean shit if you’ve no effective way to enforce them.

Is it likely that a government that has spent the past eight years cutting 20,000 front line coppers, while diverting funds into counter-terrorism is going to have spun up a special anti-drone squad?

As you allude to yourself, probably not.

In that sense, it is utter incompetence on the part of the government, spending money on implementing the legislation it knows fuck all about implementing.


There are old reports on the potential for drones to be a danger for airports(i’d go as far as to say, even on the TV), so they knew, they have drones themselves(used to spy on demonstrations), buttwere powerless to stop it, for how long?
And here we go again.
Gatwick airport: flights suspended again due to ‘suspected drone sighting’ – live


Drones and some of their uses.


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Austerity cuts - cheaper there.


Planes flying again…watch this space. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


Drones? If you aint a professional film maker etc, they are for sad twats… as to flying round airports… fucking moronic cunts.


Schoolboy error there @Won-Ton - we’re dealing with our authorities/ government here. Too obvious.

Thing that struck me about the latest “alleged drone sighting” is that it was dark and drones aren’t exactly big, compared to your common or garden Jumbo. So who is doing the “spotting” and how?

Maybe the armed forces are using some technique we’re not allowed to know about, or more likely someone phoned Gatwick / the police after seeing a carrier bag being blown about in current windy conditions.

I’m just waiting for it to be blamed on the Russians. Care to wager anyone?


I’m hoping Santa brings me one for Xmas- I’m not a professional film maker.



NO you are a cunt :wink:


That’s a given tbh



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Brother in law has an expensive one. Lives on the coast and uses it for photography. He’s quite good.


Probably got some sort of motion sensor system to detect flocks of birds or something like that. Might explain why there are no pics of them.


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