🛩 Drone over Gatwick

:small_airplane: Drone over Gatwick






Have they actually said the drones were flying constantly? I was under the impression they had been sighted regularly, but at intervals, suggesting as you say, they had to go and recharge. Also, I think that software is fairly easy to bypass if you know what your doing, and is only in EU drones. Dodgy chinese ones don’t have it.




It’s back!! :joy::joy:

BBC News - Flights suspended at Gatwick again



From Reading the BBC and such like:

Apparently the police / army could have taken out the drones last night but were worried about stray bullets hurting someone.

Then there was the news that the army had capabilities to deal with the drones - hmmmm

Latest is the army has been called in but the situation isn’t believed to be terrorist related…ffs.

Fucking inept.

Luckily I have my tinfoil hat on so I’m immune to all the whacko conspiracy theories…phew!

:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal

Why is the BBC sending news out from Reading?


You have to worry if our finest snipers can’t down a drone.


Environmentalists, this can be solved by now quickly building the 3rd runway and smoking them out in the protests.


Dont be a dick. They were concerned about possible injury / damage resulting when these came down.


The 3rd runway, which i personally do not believe will ever be built, is to be at Heathrow. Gatwick only has one runway.


Why not just shoot it down over the airport grounds, which were closed and cover a massive area?
Also, why didn’t they catch the perpetrator. Loads of police about and they only had to track it?
It all looks rather embarrassing. Kind of 3rd world levels of incompetence.


I think you might be assuming video game or Hollywood levels of pin point accuracy against a very small moving object as well as guarantees about where the wreckage falls.

Who knows if they have either caught the perpetrators, or have worked out who they might be, or are on the way to doing so. I don’t think there is a DVLA equivalent for drones.


Aren’t you assuming that bullets are the only projectiles that can take them down?


Fucking right, where are our laser guided SAMs? We couldn’t have sold them all to the Saudis could we? Or get one of Boris’s water cannons on the job if they haven’t been scrapped yet, what is their effective range?


Just get a bigger drone and ram it kamikaze style. In fact, why don’t they just have a drone on standby, and just get it to follow these rogue ones to see where they come from?


I know, right?

These things are kept off the ground by propellers. It shouldn’t be that hard to take them down.

If random fucking YouTubers can get a drone in the air which fires a net, not sure why we can’t.