:geek: Create your own emoji


I’ve zoomed in as much as I can but can’t find anything ‘meaningful’


The stupid bastard didn’t lift the covering pube up.


Really - you think we’re falling for that?!!


In the spirit of the cricket test coming up can you emojise this please :-


can you call it windies please.

Also the cricket World Cup is upcoming so we’ll need lots of emojis for the countries playing in that :lou_wink_2:


Can’t be arsed.



Roger Irrelevant to be used to counter Barry “Roger Melly” Sanchez’s more windy posts?





GIGO - unfortunately. Couldn’t find a better resolution image so this is as good as it gets I’m afraid.

If you can find a higher def one send it over!


Cant we just post the ‘Roger’ at full size?

Big ‘emoji’ like that cunty stuff on ‘Messenger when you hold down the mouse to see the the thumbs up expand like a 1982 teenage cock expand watching Phoebe Cates emerge from teh pool in Fast Times’




I always liked her intellect


Oh, my word…





Time is rarely kind on any of us…


Speak for your self fella…