:geek: Create your own emoji

Ok, funsters. Another nice feature of Discourse is that you, well we (me and @pap) can create our own emoji.

So to create your own special emoji, reply to this thread with an attached image and the name you want to give your own emoji.

For example,

The name is engerland

and here is the image…

This now means that we can type :engerland: :engerland: :engerland:

Some rules apply.

  1. No foul language for the emoji name
  2. No foul images for the emoji
  3. Use your brain, any really detailed image isn’t going to show up when reduced to emoji size
  4. No Goat, you can’t PM me any pictures, they have to be posted here
  5. No eBay reflection images where you send me a picture of a spoon only for me to realise that your cock is reflected in it
  6. There are no more rules
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I’ve had a PM* for this.

name: eu

So now we can go :eu: :eu: :eu: ( : eu : )

*This definitely might have happened.






The Poles have a new facepalm emoji this morning

@saintbletch in fairness to the other home nations wouldn’t you need their flags as well?

Yeah, but I keep forgetting who they are.

One of them is Scotchland or similar but t,he others escape me.

Scotchland :smile:


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: norniron : :norniron: *

: walesisntit : :walesisntit:

: scotchland : :scotchland:

* Hope this saltire doesn’t start a sectarian debate

saint-goat innocent

: saintgoat : :saintgoat:

and : innocent :

Couldn’t find the “what to do if you want an emoji” instruction …

But I did find this on the Dark Side …


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Let me guess, cockwomble?

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That was cool! I saw you live edit your spelling!

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Let me guess, you were about to be a spelling fascist?

No, I was just wondering if I was more stoned than I thought.


Bit tiny … :cockwomble:

This size of your tiny cock is not down to me.

It’s an emoji so if you want to be able to see it, it will need to be less detailed and have a reduced number of colours.

You :cockwomble:

Despite the size, I fully intend to put this to full use in many threads. :cockwomble: