:geek: Create your own emoji

:geek: Create your own emoji


A blank square?




Exactly- a blank square…


Ah, the problem is you’re not in the right Group Kev …


Story of my life…



Cropped it and gave it a transparent background as it just doesn’t look good with Vincent!!



So, can we have this for “The Dark Side” AKA TSW??




Shame you couldn’t combine that one and Saint-CD’s suggestion

A Sith Cock womble

Pretty much encapsulates the place


An updated on the emoji that have been added over the last few weeks.

To use the emoji, start typing a : (colon) and then immediately type the name from the list below, and then type another : (colon).

Emoji Name Why / purpose…
:brexit: brexit Because soon it will be all we talk about
:bletch: bletch Because I can…
:theshirt: theshirt Because it’s beautiful
:thedarkside: thedarkside Because like the Scottish play, we need a coded reference to Saints Web
:trumpangry: trumpangry Because it’s cathartic
:trumpclown: trumpclown See above
:trumpdumb: trumpdumb See above
:trumpfingerwag: trumpfingerwag See above
:trumphair: trumphair See above
:trumpmexican: trumpmexican See above
:viagra: viagra Because sometimes we all need a little encouragement
:tories: tories Because every story needs an anti-hero
:labour: labour Because every anti-hero needs to be painfully beaten to death
:soviet: soviet Because occasionally you need to call the @TheSoviet out for doing nothing
:halo: halo Because all Saints wear halos
:eu: eu Because they’ll miss us when we’re gone*
:cockwomble: cockwomble Because sometimes you don’t want to reach for the c-bomb
:mapoftasmania: mapoftasmania Because sometimes you do want to reach for the c-bomb

And a whole bunch of teams (some of which we may never need again)…

Emoji Name
:arsenalfc: arsenalfc
:borussiamonchengladbach: borussiamonchengladbach
:bournemouthfc: bournemouthfc
:brightonfc: brightonfc
:burnleyfc: burnleyfc
:cardiffcityfc: cardiffcityfc
:celtavigo: celtavigo
:chelseafc: chelseafc
:crystalpalacefc: crystalpalacefc
:derbyfc: derbyfc
:dijonfco: dijonfco
:evertonfc: evertonfc
:fulhamfc: fulhamfc
:huddersfieldtownfc: huddersfieldtownfc
:leicesterfc: leicesterfc
:liverpoolfc: liverpoolfc
:mancityfc: mancityfc
:manunitedfc: manunitedfc
:newcastlefc: newcastlefc
:tottenhamfc: tottenhamfc
:watfordfc: watfordfc
:westhamfc: westhamfc
:wolvesfc: wolvesfc


A few updated emoji…

Emoji Name Reason
:geek: geek Used for admin type stuff
:nhs: nhs It’s either fantastic or shit
:bbc: bbc It’s either fantastic or shit
:yellowcard: yellowcard Warning - requested by @BTripz and he bought me a beer so here it is
:redcard: redcard Sent off - requested by @BTripz and he bought me a beer so here it is
:southampton: southampton Because according to this, it’s our city’s symbol.



Just because…


Oh, well done on your use of tables :+1:


Hi @saintbletch don’t like the androgynous trophy emoji on the FA Cup thread, can you sort it out please


Try :facup:


Thanks, though I’m not so sure myself, what do you think?


I preferred the original, TBH.

But I’m not as sensitive to inanimate androgyny as you.



Where is the rampant cock emoji??

Asking for a friend like…


You known the deal.

Send me a picture and I turn it into an emoji.

If you can’t manage rampant, perhaps your ‘friend’ can?


I’ve fallen into the trap of PM’ing you. Never again. Still having counselling…