:covid_19: 😷 🏥 Coronavirus the thread for all your fears PT II ❓

Original thread got closed due to over 10,000 replies, let’s have this one open

And there we have it - today had a positive lft, so no good deed can be left unpunished!
For information, the NHS and government information about what to do etc is crap, so any information on what you think the rules are would be appreciated.

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Self isolate for 5 days, start doing LFTs from day 5, if you have 2 consecutive -ve LFTs you can go out.

Day 10 you are allowed out no matter the state of your LFTs

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+10,000 posts on Covid in 2 years. Clearly too much time on our hands…

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Basically it’s fucking tedious

I have just wasted hours of my life completing the test and trace questionnaire, which was appalling.
Simplistically, I caught it giving someone a lift in my car.
None of the t&t options allowed me to state this.
Millions of pounds wasted on this useless system.

I started it and gave up after putting the Ayatollahs details in - it’s so thorough that it takes far too long

I simply spoke to the people I had met

That’s a first for you, isn’t it?


And that’s exactly what I would do after this - sadly I thought. Might be helping somewhere along the line, but ended up in a rage. In this instance I didn’t actually have contact with anyone, and didn’t actually go anywhere!

Since testing positive, I have had multiple contact from Track and Trace, culminating with a questionnaire that has just taken me half an hour to complete.

My simple advice to all of you out there? If you test positive, DO NOT CONTACT Track and Trace. IMO this institution is appalling. At the last election I had doubts about who to vote for, because I thought the leader of party I normally vote for was as mad as a box of frogs, and there was no way I was voting for anything to do with Corbin. At the next election at least I know Boris is mad, and the labour bloke not for me; and I will not vote for the party that started the track and trace fiasco.

If you have any doubts about what you should do, ask a friend, or use your own common sense, or make your own enquiries from the net.

My recovery pass turned up in my App today

That at least works well


It is now day 3 of my incarceration, and I am bored stiff.
Only one more day of incarceration (self isolation) and I can hopefully take the first step out of jail with a negative LFT.
I can now understand the joy and excitement of possibly going to the pub if only 1 more negative test required!


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Trying to go on holiday tomorrow to St Lucia

I am going to need a holiday to get over the stress of the pre departure rigmarole

The Ayatollah passed her PCR, I didn’t (not unexpected) however I do have a recovery pass so no worries

Not the St Lucian govt want specific Info on my test results that isn’t there. Any correspondence has to be done via their shit website and communication takes about a hour to get a response once they open - so far we have had four exchanges to get to this point

On top of that I need to try and persuade the testing company to pony up the relevant document

And I have until around midnight to get this away


Update - Express Test at Eastleigh FC are the most useless bunch of feckless wankers ever to grace the planet

Not a single response

I would recommend Randox - super efficient. Got an emergency PCR today 3 hr result job and that came in negative

So we are off

I need rum


You’re going to the right place.


Mate flies back from St Lucia tomorrow after 8 days.
Looks lovely.
But it is pissing with rain.

It rains everywhere I go - it’s a running joke includimg

Jordan ( in June)

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Still testing positive day 5.
No symptoms, don’t feel I’ll.
All I can say is bugger shit and fcuk!
Hopefully negative tomorrow?

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You are Rob McKenna and I claim my five Altarian dollars.