:Ru: Care to comment on Russian aggression?

:Ru: Care to comment on Russian aggression?


Oh dear, it’s NATO projection again.


Are you basing that on the bullshit grainy pictures, that turned out to be tractors and combine harvesters. Which liar put that deliberate misinformation out?



Its an invasion on Ukraine’s territorial control, Crimea is a part of Unraine’s territory, its an invasion.

Jesus wept, so the whole international community is wrong apart from some batshit crazy nations?


Another spurious “truth” quote.


You can’t invade somewhere, if you’re already there. What don’t you understand about that?


Did NATO put Russian troops in Georgia illegally?


Quick change of tack there. How about answering some of the questions put to you first?



Not until you admit Russia invaded sovereign territory.


When you say the ‘whole international community’ what do you mean? When asked to recognise Russia as an occupying force in Crimea, yes, the resolution passed but only 70 out of 172 countries voted in favour. 76 abstained.


But as i have already shown, that’s impossible. Stop using the hyperbolic language of the Atlantic Council.


You’ve answered your own question.


Its nothing of the sort, its fact.


A bit of context for why Crimea welcomed annexation:


An impossible ‘fact’ according to all English language dictionaries, but don’t let that stop you.
Are you going to attempt to answer any of the questions put to you today, or continue to hide from them?


More spurious quotes there, stick with the UN or the international community, not some Russian lackey.


Not answering them as you can’t admit a nation has been invaded and been occupied.

Until then I won’t entertain such crap.


Such an obvious cop out, but not surprising.


The late Robert Parry, a Russian lackey?
Shame on you, for your dumb ignorance.