:Ru: Care to comment on Russian aggression?

:Ru: Care to comment on Russian aggression?


You really are an arse. Award winning independent journalist, lauded for " his career distinguished by meticulously researched investigations, intrepid questioning, and reporting that has challenged mainstream media." And yet because it exposes your shallow and narrow argument for the shite it is you consider him a russian lackey. There really is no point in discussing this with you. Take your blinkers off son.


Crimea is a part of Ukraines territory so only Ukraine can decide about Crimean independence, by all means let Ukraine give a referendum on it but it must be them and not through Russian invasion.
Democracy, notice he say Crimea and not Ukraine.

This is not difficult, ceding is fine through legal means, this isn’t and wasn’t legal, its rather obvious.


No its not, its perfectly fair and reasonable.


Off you trot to find some twitter nut who is a Russian lackey full of denial.


Sorry bazza but you lost all credibility on this thread with your comment about Parry. See ya.


Its a bollocks article, have you read it?


While I’m told that Russia did provide some light weapons to the rebels early in the struggle so they could defend themselves and their territory and a number of Russian nationalists have crossed the border to join the fight the claims of an overt “invasion” with tanks, artillery and truck convoys have been backed up by scant intelligence.

He wrote that shit, its been proven heavy weapons have been given to rebels and there are Russian troops within Ukraine fighting.
Its shit.


Did BA Baracus make them in a shed?


You slate Robert Parry and then quote cia mouthpiece radio free Europe.


Different side of the same coin, we’ve been over this before and its something you fail to understand, you’ll believe what you want to as it appear you have issues with the West, likewise with me concerning Russia.


You just come out with shit and can’t answer questions. You asked who’s territorial waters they were in. Don’t you know? What you write suggests not, but you are a person that slags off Parry, whilst believing bellendcat. I shouldn’t get my hopes up that you’ll spot the obvious lies.
Crack on with your bullshit.


You simply won’t acknowledge an invasion and occupation has and is taking place, the whole World sees it, heavens knows why you can’t.
Parry said in that Russia only has given small arms to defenders, well thats a crock of shit we all know.


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When you say this.

Do you mean this?

Where did he write this, because it’s not in the article goat posted? The only mention of assistance is this.

However, when the Kiev regime announced an “anti-terrorism operation” against the Donbas and dispatched neo-Nazi and other extremist militias to be the tip of the spear, Moscow began quietly assisting the embattled ethnic Russian rebels, a move that Nuland, the Obama administration and the mainstream news media called “Russian aggression.”

Now i’m left wondering two things.
1)is he an idiot, because the ‘proof’ from radio cia anti Russia* was published 3 whole years after the Parry article.So even if true, it wasn’t known in 2015. You understand how a calendar works?
2)Why are you attributing words to Parry that don’t appear in posted article, without providing a link, so those of us that understand a calendar can check the dates?
*they were set up by the cia for anti Russia propaganda.
Want to do your claim about territorial waters next?


Surely if in in his article then he subscribes to it?


And again

Not mention of what kind of weapons, as you seriously claim.