:Ru: Care to comment on Russian aggression?

This will be interesting to see SOS explain this action.

:sotonians: New to Sotonians? We love @Barry-Sanchez. Barry really doesn’t love Russia. This entire thread is his attempt to convince us that Vladimir Putin and co are a clear and present danger. It’s a thread full of internecine conflict between some noted Sotonians aggressors, and in all honesty, is probably not worth your time.


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Really I always thought he was Italian and went by the name of Ernesto Bergamasco, the internet hey, you’ll believe what you want to, you’ll be saying Drago is real next Goat.

I just came across it on the internet bazza. With regard to Ukraine, I reckon they’ll be alright. Haven’t NATO got a fuck ton of forces deployed there on ‘exercises’?

I haven’t a clue, I do know I’d like to hear SOS version of this and his site he quotes it as angry fishermen…

Here you go:


How can you provoke a military confrontation by sailing your own boat to your Country? Stop quoting Dr Marcus, he is a bellend.


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Russian mouthpiece.

I wonder if Trump will be reiterating the need for the EU to contribute more to NATO in the face of this obvious Russian aggression?


Silly me.

Trump like Putin is a cock as well, who gives a shit. I can not wait for SOS to give his view on this, imagine if the Russians were Israeli?

Agenda driven, I see.

I have to agree with the cock on this, Europe don’t pay their way with NATO.

If it was Israel nobody would bat an eyelid. They didn’t even murder anyone from 500m away. Poor from the Russkis

SOS would, he’d be going apeshit, he’ll try and worm out of it as its Russia though.

I reckon you secretly fancy SOS. You seem a tad obesessed.


Do you imagine him wearing nothing but an Ushanka, stretched out on a bearskin rug sipping vodka?

Yes, yes thats the one.