:Ru: Care to comment on Russian aggression?

:Ru: Care to comment on Russian aggression?


No its not nonsense, you support invasion and occupation if you don’t, its not difficult to comprehend.


So you don’t support the right to self determination then?


Of course I do. I’m a democrat.


Who remembers when that famous, lying, propaganda mouth piece, dressed up as a news site, tried to tell everyone that Ukrainian nazis was just Russian fake news.
Thank fuck no one here is stupid enough to use their link free rubbish to try and make a point.

They even quote bellendcat. Hahaha


There are right wing nationalists in Russia, I don’t see this as relevant, are you saying Russia invaded Crimea to save them from the Nazis?



There are right-wing nationalists in this country(and all western countries) and a party in government that uses nazi techniques and posters.
You certainly are a batshit crazy apologist. Good of you to admit it at last Elliot.
Here’s a picture for you and the rest of the ‘believers’.


The people of Crimea certainly seem to think so and it’s their choice, not nazis or NATO warmongers.


So you support Russia in their invasion and occupation?


They can get out of Georgia and stop stoking up trouble there as well, and give back stolen Finnish lands.


I support the people of Crimea in their wishes and over 90% regard themselves as Russian.
Doing anything else would be support for nazis.
Do you support people’s right to self determination?


Please read up on the truth about Georgia before commenting.
The BBC, as shown above, does not give you the truth, so please don’t quote an obvious propaganda mouth piece any more.


Talking about Georgia, do you believe shit like this?

“For example, in Georgia in 2008, without using American military forces on the ground, we used a whole set of – a whole smorgasbord of tools, international tools with Sarkozy, the president of France at the time, leading the international diplomatic effort, sanctions and other actions that eventually saw the Russians withdrawing to their start positions at the beginning of that conflict in Georgia. So that’s an example of how you can do it.”

Briefing by James F. Jeffrey, (US) Special Representative for Syria Engagement, 14 November 2018

It’s so much bullshit, no one with any knowledge of the true situation would fall for it.



So you support Russia’s invasion then? Speak up man, yes or no?


Why are Russia in Georgia?


I’ve asked you various questions today and as usual you avoid answering, then you dress up your childish accusations as questions. It’s really fucking sad.
The bellendcat broadcasting corporation(otherwise known as the BBC) are a propaganda machine and i have given you evidence. Don’t ignore it. Admit it, or defend it. I will just take the piss out of your mindless drivel until you do.
Here’s some more propaganda that a 5 year old could see through.

Can you?


You chose to ignore that Russia invaded a sovereign nation, its really fucking sad you can’t acknowledge that.


I’m not the one ignoring things and i have already answered your questions, Mr memory of a goldfish.
Now answer some of the questions put to you, or can’t you bring yourself to face up to the truth?
I will take a lack of answers as an admittance that you can’t.


We’re talking about an invasion so you bring up Salisbury, another argument and discussion, don’t muddy the waters, you can’t not condemn this and then condemn the West’s interventions (invasions).


You really are simple. I used it as another example of the lying propaganda shit site you keep quoting.
Let’s try again Mr memory of a goldfish.
Do you agree that this is deliberate bullshit propaganda?

If not, explain why.