:Ru: Care to comment on Russian aggression?

:Ru: Care to comment on Russian aggression?



So you know it happened in Ukrainian waters, you do know Crimea is still legally Ukrainian? Unless of course you recognise invasion and occupation?


I think this is the dispute isn’t it? Do you think Russia sees Crimea as Ukranian?


Do you?


Syria is Syrian. That hasn’t stopped NATO countries invading and occupying it. “Sauce for the goose” was your phrase wasn’t it?


No it wasn’t and you haven’t answered the question, I don’t see NATO putting their flag up there and declaring it part of NATOLAND or whatever the it is, poor Goat poor.


I think the west has effectively ceded Crimea to Russia, What do you think?


How many countries have NATO put their flag up in, breaking all agreements not too?


My point was, it’s all very well saying that ‘legally’ Crimea is Ukranian but who respects International law nowadays? Certainly not the west.


Your is point is clear, you advocate Russian occupation of Crimea.


Will NATO be forced to embrace and support Ukraine and confront Russia? What do you reckon Bazza?


Fuck off you dick. What do you think is happening? I haven’t said I support Russia. I haven’t said I support Ukraine.


Your point is clear bazza. You support Kiev’s Nazis.


See how that works?


Why would NATO confront Russia?


No I simply don’t support illegal occupation, there is a huge difference, doesn’t Russia have extreme right wing nationalists aka Nazis but they go bu another name?


You haven’t condemned the illegal occupation so therefore it only leads to one conclusion, you do support it.


Who do the people of Crimea align with? Do you believe in a people’s right to self determination?




That was a decision of the Ukrainian Government to give not the Russians after their illegal invasion and occupation.