:Ru: Care to comment on Russian aggression?


Surely with modern Analytics it must be possible to have a league table of who wins the most debating points on here?
There at least 3 regular posters that would enjoy that.
Or maybe a being right league?
At least Bazza won’t win the one about Saints/Gao being skint.


So, @Saint-or-sinner hasn’t weighed in. @Goatboy is effortlessly combating your “points” with sourced articles.

Is it going as well as you hoped, @Barry-Sanchez?

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The last thing the West wants is a new, less compliant leadership in Ukraine:


If you count Russian bots and yes men as valid quotes he’s fucking hammering me yes…


Why did they block waters that aren’t theirs? RT ha ha fuck me dead, that’s irronically funny!


No reason weighing in on such a one eyed view. There’s no context in Mr confirmation bias post and not much point trying to discuss with someone that dismisses anything that disagrees with him, rather than pointing out a single fault in the posted articles.
This will be dismissed, as he has no coherent argument against it(just like all the others).

As will documented evidence(by far the most authentic) about anything concerning Russia.

He refused to answer about this.

I could go on, but there’s little point when you’re trying to discuss with someone that operates on blind faith. Telling Barry that Russia is not what the propaganda proports it to be, is like telling a born again Christian that the Bible is a load of bollocks.
Has anyone told him yet that James Bond was fiction and not a documentary series?


I’ve met @Goatboy and @Saint-or-sinner, as have you.

Neither of them are Russian bots or yes men.

They just disagreed with your opinion. That said, I did find your conversation with SoS at the Semi sweet, amusing, and pretty much consistent with the way you approach him here.

No-one can accuse you of being a keyboard warrior, @Barry-Sanchez. We know you’re like this in real life.


Disagree(to a point). There’s no personal abuse in person. Might say i’m talking shite, but leaves the personal attacks out and says it with a smile. A decent drinking partner. He’d have a great time drinking with Russians, if he wasn’t so paranoid about them(probably thinks they’d poison his drink). Don’t you get Russians up north?

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So Ukraine reckons its at war, does it?


I just don’t know where to start with this cunt:


Doesn’t he parade a view that denies the Srebrenica massacre as well as the siege of Sarajevo?


All defending Russia are missing the point as they choose to ignore or fail to understand where this happened.


I’m going for ‘on the water’.




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