:Ru: Care to comment on Russian aggression?

:Ru: Care to comment on Russian aggression?



And then this.

Brilliant Barry :joy:


I think you need to read that again and actually digest it.


I think you need to write something that isn’t as easy to throw up.


Its rather easy to understand, SOS simply dived in thinking he was being smart yet he failed to read it properly.


It’d be more interesting if you explain it.
Feel free to quote. 10,000 people have died since the Russians have been inside the Ukraine territory because…
Why Barry


Why? Because the Russians have been there, I’ve said that.
You assumed Crimea hence your jumping in, both Countries are amassing armies either sides of the border if you believe or want to believe the news.


10,000 deaths, since Russia has had a presence in Ukraine?
Do you ever stop and think what you’re typing means?
They are now(by a fucking massive margin) the longest living people on the planet.



You’ve ignored the questions again Barry and then posted something that is pure fiction. From the headline to this bit(as far as i’m prepared to waste my time).
“But the perils are real and should be acknowledged. Low-level fighting persists in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine, mostly ignored by the outside world; 10,000 people, including 3,000 civilians, have died since hostilities began in 2014.”

Oh look, it’s your number. He mentions, “low level fighting”, so we know he’s a fool or a liar. There has been heavy artillery used(only by one side). See if you can find any reporting on it, in the ‘trusted media’.
Ignored by the outside(western only) world, for a very good reason.


Here we go again, you’ll believe the news you want to as it agrees with your agenda, the fact is Russia is on anothers nations territory and is sponsoring terrorism inside it neighbours border.

We can discuss the reasons of EU encroachment possibly causing this or being one of the reasons but that doesn’t excuse or dilute Russia’s actions.

I could list the Nations that support Ukraine but you know there are far far too many and many aren’t stooges of the West.


Which news would that be?


Sponsoring terrorism?
That’s some claim(i think i’ve been here before. WMD), let’s have it them?


Why are you using WMD? Do you think I support intervention, Blair and the illegal invasion?

You presume incorrectly.


We can, but you’d have to drop the obvious lie and replace it with NATO. You know that surely


Again, why can’t any nation be free to join and organisation it feels it wants to?


The delusion and willing ignorance of history is staggering. I can only assume that your job depends on it.
Have fun in your alterative universe.




Suppose this should go here. A round up of the “year of Russian influence”, which you only have to look at the figures, to know beyond doubt, is complete bollocks. It looks so ridiculous when it’s all together.
I liked this description of the aftermath of the Helsinki summit.

In the wake of the summit, the neoliberal Resistance, like some multi-headed mythical creature in the throes of acute amphetamine psychosis, started spastically jabbering about “treason” and “traitors,” and more or less demanding that Trump be tried, and taken out and shot on the White House lawn.


I did enjoy the irony

BBC News - Putin: Voters’ choices of Trump and Brexit ‘disrespected’