:Ru: Care to comment on Russian aggression?


She’s brilliant. Probably meet an unfortunate accident now though.

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Don’t feed the trolls


Did the interviewer remind you of anyone.
If Russia was Winston Kodogo, he’d be constable Savage.


Ha Ha you couldn’t make it up, this is a guy who has driven political opponents into the ground, quite literally.


Ffs @Goatboy don’t post this stuff, you know it’ll only upset Barry.


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Its taken them months and they have the gall to say we’re slow?
They’re covering up.


Both nations have fascists, the end.


Great news.


Yep, just what we need. Better trained Nazis.


I don’t think you know what you’re on about calling all Ukranians nazis, its lazy and wrong, the Russians are equally as nationalistic, also the Ukranians haven’t invaded and occupied sovereign nations for their own advancement, you need a dictionary, a map and a history book.
I am more than happy to discuss Ukranian involvement in World War II and their reactionary right wing stance as a flip side to fascist occupiers of the Soviet Union if you want.
People or state policy?


I think Goatboy is referring to the Ukranian military and their political leaders, who are overwhelmingly Nazis. Only someone who has had their head buried up their arse for the past few years could think otherwise. The general population, not so much, although there are still plenty of Nazi supporters amongst them.

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Much as I would love to discuss the history of Ukraine with you baz, I have a shit brewing so I’ll give it a miss.

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What would you call Putin and his invasion of Georgia and Ukraine and their occupation?

What tendencies do those actions align themselves to?


Putin is not occupying Ukraine, don’t talk stupid. The people of Georgia, (Historically Russian), overwhelmingly chose to remain Russian in a referendum. The current regime in Ukraine were effectively installed by the USA, i suggest you listen to the recordings of the phone conversation between Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador to Ukraine in 2015 where they were openly discussing and deciding who would be the next President. There was only one invader in the Ukraine and it wasn’t Putin.


So Putin is not occupying Georgia?
When did Georgia vote to remain Russian?
You deny Russia hasn’t invaded Crimea?

All that you posted is divergence, waffle and deflection from what I have said previously, address them and I’ll address and correct your waffle.


Think that’s a typo in Nottarf’s post bazza. Meant Crimean referendum.