:Ru: Care to comment on Russian aggression?

:Ru: Care to comment on Russian aggression?


And Russia and the Soviets haven’t meddled with Ukraine? Sheer hypocrisy.

Regardless of whether you like something lik NATO matters not, what matters is to whether they can join.

It’s failed in certain parts due to influence, incursions and invasion.


To understand NATO, take notice of the voices of death, the Atlantic Council and the loons that write for them, like Stephen Blank.

“Even though Ukraine is outgunned, it does have options. It can undertake operations to break the blockade, though they would likely be fruitless given the forces Moscow has sent there. Nevertheless, it cannot accept this attack on its sovereignty and integrity passively. Ukraine should give careful consideration to a special operation that might disrupt the bridge that Moscow built over the Kerch Strait that joins Crimea to Russia. But that’s not all. Ukraine should invite the United States and NATO to send a fleet of armed ships to visit Mariupol, the main city on the Sea of Azov coast and defy Russia to fire on or block NATO from exercising the right to visit Ukraine’s ports. Those ships should be armed and have air cover but be instructed not to fire unless fired upon.”

The whole piece is just lies and provocation, but some people will take it as fact and never think.
Why are the voices of death trying to inflame the situation?
I’ll go with a reasonable voice. Lavrov.
“When Ukrainian officials directly, openly, and publicly called to blow up the Crimean Bridge, for some reason I did not hear Brussels urging them to restrain their representatives and stop calling for terrorist acts."


Things get taken out of context and then quoted and used as political fuel, Ukraine can not and will not accept their sovereign territory carved up by their neighbour, they have no legal right to offer a vote, acceptance of this isn’t acceptable and saying don’t inflame the Russians gives them a green light to do it again and possibly elsewhere.
I’d say the Russians can’t port vessels from the Sea of Azov is a start, the EU wil continue and add sanctions, bullying behaviour should never be tolerated, this is why Trump and Putin are buddies.
No one else has commited a crime here, Ukraine are having elections soon, let’s see what that brings.


You’re not following the (very deliberate)events, or the reasons behind them, are you?
Unsurprisingly, encouraging acts of terror doesn’t get a mention from you.


Why are we scared of Russia anyway? In a military sense? They’ve nothing to compare to EU nations combined and nowhere near the yanks (windup).


When you say 'we" do you mean ‘I’?


No goat, I fucked it off today at Waterloo and am on the ale why should be arsed if the overpaid cunts do this, they’re shite I get that but why aren’t the board doing anything? Fuck them.


I don’t know, why are you?
My guess would be, your belief system.

If you’re going to be scared, this is as good a reason as any. Light years ahead.

I’ve posted about this before, including American military reviews that admit the Russians are light years ahead. Keep believing what you will if it makes you feel better.


If they’re light years ahead they’ve denied their citizens a better living, hows the rouble? I hope you don’t invest in that mush, it’s going to be a rocky road for that one, bet against it.


Militarily, but i’ll take your attempt to ignore that, as confirmation that you now know.
What’s Russias defence spend? Then compare to the UK(that doesn’t have aggressors building military bases on it’s border). All rather embarrassing, when you think about it.




Hey @Barry-Sanchez is this Russian aggression?

Seems our Govt and media are trying to make out the Ruskies are up to no good yet again…



Bazza will be coming in his pants looking at that lot!


I have never denied that the EU are in some part at fault at their expansion, that doesn’t justify invasion of a neighbour, this should have been done through dialogue and negotiation not force.


What force? How many people were killed during the annexation of Crimea, Barry?

I keep asking. I can’t believe you haven’t looked up the figures in this Google enabled age, and yes, I already know the answer.


Hasn’t looked up invasion either. Don’t hold your breath.


10,000 people have died since the Russians have been inside Ukraine territory, you conveniently miss that point.


I don’t know how many people normally die in Ukraine, Barry. People die every week, everywhere. Are you attributing these to the Russians? As ever, you’re not very clear.

Stay on topic though please. How many were killed during your so-called invasion of the Crimea, Barry? Was it a bloody conflict?


None, that doesn’t make it right though, I can’t see how that morally justifies it.