:Ru: Care to comment on Russian aggression?

:Ru: Care to comment on Russian aggression?


You haven’t lied you just selected wonky quotes from sources who don’t say where they get their funding from.


Pap, you blather, who do you trust?


Hey Barry. Don’t bother, it’s futile on this site. There’s this collective opinion which is batshit crazy, but seems normal as it’s reinforced here.


Pure echo chamber and what makes me laugh is how are their quotes and copy and pastes from Oklahoma and Vladivostok more trustworthy or better than what I post? Its childlike selective codshit.


Do people as well actually know about RT and sputnik or do they just google for a c&p? The Kremlin news is Putin’s news, no pro EU stuff there just horror stories, anything about how skint Russia is? No, not a chance, dissension? Loads. Propaganda? You bet, the left and right who are totally disenfranchised with their lot in their own nation will lap it up.

Load of shit.

Have a watch, its laughable.


No i haven’t. You have though.

Where have i and why are they ‘wonky’?

That’s easy to find out. Have a go.
Yet again you fail to back up any of your spurious claims.


I’m calling Bullshit on both you and unfortunately Ted.


Now, go have a nice day.


Just like all other western MSM Barry.

They all have an agenda.

Take a moment to stop, look and actually think for yourself for once eh?



Considering Baz lives in a City that is large enough to be a target, is his condemnation of Russia still strong enough to place his life at risk?

Unlike sleepwalking into the war in Iraq, the risk of escalation in Ukraine against someone who could actually shoot back is significant.

Are you really prepared to go to war to support a Neo-Nazi Government? Will you feel contentment at being right as bombs start to fall across Nato countries?


Barry will be yelling “Look at me, I was right!” as his skin blisters and his nazi friends are turned to sludge in Kiev.


Are you prepared for parts of a Country disappear? He wouldn’t stop there as we know from history, Georgia, Moldova, Finland, Poland? The Germans used this tactic in Czechoslovakia, I feel the tactics used by Putin to be as fascist as any Ukrainian Government. Its the citizens who are of the most concern, when was the last time carving up a Country unhindered went well?


I am right.


Russia is about to invade the EU. Fuck me I’ve heard it all now.


Thanks for the warning @Goatboy

Bugger, where did I put my tinfoil helmet?


So going into Ukraine, Georgia and elsewhere is different, how?


And Baz is happy to get nuked because a bit of Georgia disappeared



Where does that stop? A bit here and a bit there, a line has to be drawn somewhere.


You could always take it to TSW. You’d be on your ninth account there, like. But you’d have loads of people there trumpeting the government line, some of them perhaps even professional.


Only ever had one account, your account was pro EU and you tried to smear any anti EU people over there if I recall.