:Ru: Care to comment on Russian aggression?

:Ru: Care to comment on Russian aggression?





You do know they’ve aggressively blocked and held illegally fishermen for days for nothing, comment on the building of an illegal bridge?


You support invasion, well done, Georgia? I haven’t heard you comment on that, or the military in Eastern Ukraine.



It is a time for deflection and the dark arts.

Putin 2018 down the boozer



Please read, it’ll help you debate as opposed to some convenient angry twitter c&p, Russia’s reasons for this aren’t about the people, its about territory and land.


So you just quote wonky people who lives in mountains with an arsenal of weapons…


It’s an American publication/ site.

A bastion of truth?

Anyone know?


So what would you like?


The truth please.


Neo-con globalist mouthpiece.


Do you expect to find that from Putin and his cronies?


Who is this? Putins lovechild?


From Putin? Why would I think only info/new from him and his cronies is the only truth?

Back at you - Where do you think you’ll find the truth? You seem to incoherently pick sources from all over the place.


Can you show were these “wonky people” i quote have lied?
I have shown deliberate lies from your choice of ‘believable media’ and your sad attempts to lie about Robert Parry and “territorial waters”.
Get a grip(last picture).


I have always taken the rather self-serving view that @Barry-Sanchez = traffic, just on his own. However, these threads are getting ridiculously tedious. As a programmer, I spot patterns for a living, and if this were a program, it’d read something like this.

public BollocksResponse PostAsBarry(Post replyingTo) {
  var response = new BollocksResponse();

  if (replyingTo.ContainsFacts){
     response.Type = BollocksResponseTypes.Diversionary;
     response.Message = "What about the Russian invasion of Crimea?";
  else if (replyingTo.Questions.Count > 0){
    response.Type = 
     BollocksResponseTypes.Diversionary | 
    response.Message = _randomBollocksService.GetRandomBollocks();
  else {
   response.Type = BollocksResponseType.MoreBollocks;
   response.Message = _stormFrontApiService.GetRightwingBollocks();
  return response;



Because of his links to Putin and the pending court case? Both will be rather worried. Good bed fellows though.