:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal

:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal


So we buy stuff from other countries.

Dry your pants, @Dubai_Phil :slight_smile:


Bit more than that on the detail though. Nobody will cry for unemployed bankers but the food inspections, the disaster for Brits abroad losing residency status all up in the air again.







old news??


Yes. Just thought it was interesting as I’ve been listening to a fair few Tory ‘remainers’ banging on about the uncertainty for Eu citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU in the recent debates around leaving with no deal. Soubry, for example, really is a piece of work.


Soubry should be shot.


Hehe. She’s on the list, although she probably won’t be on Santa’s little list.

She hasn’t been a good girl.

Chief cheerleader for Project Fear, utterly hellbent on scuppering Brexit. She’s a fucking zealot. A serious media would say “fuck, she’s a fucking zealot! Get her off the telly”.


Not sure that’s a wise comment. Jo Cox was murdered during the height of the referendum hysteria.


Reckon I’m safe, unless one of you lot goes all jihad on the issue.


Nah. Posters on here tend to just Drone on and on and…


Can we shoot that twat with the drone?


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Some big ol’ news here. Jezza’s putting tanks on the lawn. Labour and the DUP have been chatting.


Interesting look on things(not for the national socialists, obvs).
Might just be me, but what an annoying voice.



Likewise swivel eyed nutter John Redwood is knighted. Just watch him do an about face and support May’s pathetic deal. These people have no shame. It is more than past the time when this country had it’s own ‘Gilets Jaunes’ hitting the streets. It is patently obvious that it is now the only language this Tory government will understand.


This is utter madness

The irony that the largest contracts have been awarded to European operators seems to have been lost on the Govt.