:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal

:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal



Well, perhaps the pricks in Brussels might like to listen to the people of Europe who want(ed) the EU to CHANGE!


Farcical - what the Govt are trying to do / have done that is…


Wonder if any of the Govt have links with the company in question?


Which department set the scheme up? Then check ministers and family.
A bookie would give you really really shit odds on(they remember things).


This has Failing Grayling written all over it.


Epic work London

(Even the why only 27 debate is classic)


Except there’s 32 yellow lights :lou_facepalm_2:


Sadiq Khan’s doing apparently.

Trolling with tax payer cash. Would not be the first and won’t be the last.


I’m getting a bit fucked off with this pay 65 quid to register as a second class citizen nonsense FFS. Just guarantee eu citizens rights and stop being cunty.


Your name vill also go on ze list


This is rather amusing. The EU is planning to end national vetoes on tax rates. The Republic of Ireland has attracted most of its tech companies precisely because of its ability to veto EU tax rates. It’s not just the revenue it brings in. It’s the people it keeps in Ireland, and the people it attracts. It’ll be a huge loss.

And after all Leo Varadkar did for them!


So Gove is peddling the fear of tariffs on beef and lamb exports (up to 40%)

Which got me thinking - how much beef and lamb do we import and export.

And for lamb we imported 10,000 more tonnes that we exported

Maybe if we eat more of our own lamb and beef, tariffs wont be an issue. Why on earth do we export 10s of thousand of tonnes of lamb to the EU and then buy even more from the otherside of the world. Its plain mad.


Selective memory CBS? Only thing the Kiwis ever gave us (apart from Andrew Caddick) was New Zealand Lamb.
Heck, it was one of the biggest points back at the original refendum to join back when I were a nipper & LITSL had just retired.


the majority of our imported lamb still comes from there - if we ate what we sent to EU and stopped buying NZ that would be a good thing. The kiwis could then make up the EU deficit

Aside from the economics, the environmental impact of moving thousands of tonnes of meat in either direction is huge


Says a man with no taste…
As in can’t taste the difference between NZ Lamb and EU Genetically modified antibiotic laced stuff.
Although you did try and develop Welsh Lamb and salt marsh stuff


Welsh lamb always tastes salty.


Ireland and its low tax hypocrisy, from Bono to the Day Lewis, they’re all at it and they just love to preach.


If you were bright and could live in most places would you fancy the outskirts of Dublin, Limerick or Cork at well overvalued places with weather and utilities far worse than here even?

Fuck that.

Ireland couldn’t function without that low tax but we need some honesty along the lines of why business’s come and why they stay.


NZ stuff is tasteless. Ours is far superior(that’s why it goes abroad. Profit) and we’ll be getting far worse GM shit when the (already done)deal with America goes through. EU regs are very good in comparison, but the only major nations that ban GM are not western(Russia maybe :roll_eyes:).