:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal

:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal


That’s fair enough if they think they can handle the dip in votes. It’ll be something that’s used against them throughout campaigning - prepared to indulge in no confidence votes secretly after their own antics, but not voting for virtually the same thing a week later.

That argument will be knocked for six in every one on one exchange by every Labour MP in the coming interviews.


SNP tabled an amendment to make the motion about the govt

So how do they get that through?

Could the Tories vote the amendment through and then defeat it? Then what?


Not on my mobile feed ?


Hacked by Russia.


If Phil has been trying to find comedy on the BBC, then definitely.


Well, that’s probably because the BBC has geolocated you and given you Polish news instead.

Any word on Mr Sheen?


There will be no words on anything today. Just some painful grunts and dark looks at Brother in law.
Slivovitch ffs


Still nothing. Weird.





Let battle commence!


Brexit can do it’s worst.
I’ve just stocked up on a years supply of HP Sauce & Coleman’s English Mustard at the local village shop here.
Just need a kilo of Branston when I come back from UK after Xmas and you can shoot all the politicos.


HP Sauce is made in the Netherlands :slight_smile:


Woo hoo!


Right, that’s it.

I’m on the next plane to Poland to pour @Dubai_Phil’s stash down the sinkski in protest.

This is a local sauce for local people.


Not so local now.
HP owned by Heinz and made in Netherlands.
Branston owned by a Japanese company.
Coleman’s mustard owned by unilever. Anglo-dutch going to be made in Burton on Trent and Germany rather than Norfolk.
So probably won’t need to stock up on those if you live in the EU. Maybe more tricky for those in the UK.


If only remainers had led with stuff like that…



Perhaps time for a rethink, having heard some of what no deal really means.
Cancel Article whatever, stay in, but be grumpy.
Drag feet, enforce rules the Mediterranean way, apply for grants for everything the Polish way, agree nothing at any summit.
Basically just hang around like a bad smell until they decide to kick us out on better terms…
Because right now their attitude shows that no deal is REALLY going to be the mother of all clusterfvcks