:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal

:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal



He’s testing out the DUP. No way is her deal going to pass so that will be when a confidence in the government vote is called.


The DUP will be screwed either way on this, they’ll abstain unless they get guarantees on the border, its an absolute mess and the only way out without it being even worse is out then in proposed on a manifesto, Corbyn is savvy enough to know offering that will split the party north/south it has nothing to do with his personal feelings towards Europe, Northern Labour voted out massively so it’ll have to be done once we’re out.
The tories are even more fucked, the good thing about Labour is momentum or 1000’s of them will fuck off and rejoin the greens or liberals for their EU vote.


Remember this is a confidence vote in May, not the Government. DUP could easily vote against her. It won’t trigger an election but will weaken May.
Also, she has the right to turn down giving the motion time. That wouldn’t be a great look for her though.


So basically Corbyn bottled it because he knows he would have lost a Govt confidence vote. Plus the govt get to choose the timetabling of this vote, good luck with that


I know that but it could tip momentum and also give May a cop out chance and call an election, step down and fuck off like Cameron.


He was shrewd and he wasn’t falling for that trap.


And Shane Long would score the winner v Arsenal…


I think this is a very smart political move. When the division bell goes, the only way May comes out of it a winner is if all of her party express confidence in her.

Those that publicly proclaimed no confidence in May when it was a Conservatives only affair will look like complete hypocrites if they express confidence for party politics. I would expect to see your Steve Bakers and your Jacob Rees Mogg in there.

This isn’t some backroom poll where a secret ballot is the order of the day. Parliamentarians will be seen moving into lobbies. This is incredibly dangerous for May; if just one minister with leadership ambitions is standing in that lobby, she’s gone.

I’d also disagree with @CB-Saint. This is something Tory MPs can actually vote for with the support of a great deal of their membership and the wider public, and have actually voted for in the past week.



The cynic in me asks why he waited a week


First chance he’s had since her European city break.


Because that’s how long it takes to get a straight answer out of Theresa May on one question.

And even then, she might change her mind :slight_smile:


Yet no mention of it as a headline on BBC. Quelled surprise


I’m sure they’ll get round to it eventually.


And when even the SNP are saying it is a badly timed stunt.
Could be damaging both ways but her temper tantrum was funny


For once, RyanAir was not the problem with European City Breaks.

It was all those European leaders telling her to do one.


Ooh, I forgot about them.

That’s going to be an interesting wee nettle for Nicola to grasp. They were demanding a vote of no confidence in the government last week.

They’ve now got three choices, none of them good, the best being to stand in the no confidence lobby and grin and fucking bear it.


It’s the lead item on their web site and has been for quite some time. It was announced live on the PM programme on Radio 4 by Evan Davies, who saw it flash up on a feed while interviewing a couple of Tories - he asked them for their views on it.


The ERG and DUP have said they will vote against the motion saying they won’t support “Labour’s antics”

They will paint this a political opportunism by Labour, this could backfire on them