:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal

:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal


May’s deal isn’t much of a divorce settlement, is it?

I mean, if we want to expand on the relationship metaphor that folks were so fond of using, it would be like one partner saying “I’m not feeling it anymore” and the other one responding to the divorce petition by saying “nope, you were wrong all along. I’m still having your money, but you’re now to shut up on how I spend it”.

“And you still can’t see anyone else”.


No mention of Blair advocating a second referendum on here…so adding it

BBC News - Theresa May condemns Tony Blair’s new Brexit vote call


Its simply better not to mention that red tory traitorous cunt, a 2nd vote is not only undemocratic it’ll open the door to a 3rd vote if remains wins and a surge in genuine European right wings parties walking the halls of Westminster.
Accept the vote, exit the EU and then put it on a manifesto pledge to re-enter, thats the only way to keep out the genuine far right, not the jokers that are UKIP, I mean a genuine scary European fascist party that will scoop 1000’s of protest votes.



But she has slated Blair for suggesting a 2nd vote.


Yeah, I trust her not to go back on her word.


You trust a tory? They’re party first then Country second, always have been always will be.


I don’t trust any politicians, of any party


Code for tory, I trust some more than others. I would never trust a tory.


Wouldn’t never? So sometimes then? :lou_wink_2:


I fucking edited that el fucking pronto!


Barry loves the Tories

Barry loves the Tories


Not biting.


Holy shit. You poor bastard.
Just been parked in front of a TV while Mrs D_P chills with pals.
This is the 1st TV News I’ve seen in 2 years, live stream from Westminster.
You’ve had thus everyday for 2 years+ jeez


Actually 1st time I’ve heard clarity that they actually ARE planning for a no deal Brexit. I guess the headline typers missed that in my part of the world


Unfortunately that planning consists of running around in circles and screaming “fuck”.


Indeed. Why would you bite the Tories you love so much? :smiley:


Just a little love nibble.


So this is deal related. After a bit of heave ho, it seems that Jeremy Corbyn is to personally table a motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister. This was previously going to be done if May did not give a precise date for the meaningful vote. The motion is still going ahead because January 14th is not soon enough for Mr Corbyn.

Interesting qualification of a personal motion. I expect one from the party will come if this one falls through and May’s deal fails.

Are the 117 backbench majority pissed off enough to vote with Corbyn, I wonder?


Not understanding you lot these days, this seems a very dangerous game by Corbyn. No confidence vote due to a 4 week delay more than a point of the negotiations?
Where does it go if he wins? Won’t be a vote at all.
Seems odd. Thank fvck I don’t live there