:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal

:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal


Yes and no.


Bollocks to all the doubters, i’m 24, forever more :roll_eyes:





Nice one 2009 Jezza :slight_smile:



Apparently Leo Vadakar and he were caught on the microphones joking about the flak he would get in the British press for saying it

Not sure what exactly they are trying to achieve


Dear Donald and Theresa
Couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. Whichever way you voted you cannot be impressed by her lack of negotiating skills or the contempt in which the EU appear to now hold us.


That reminds of “you’ll go far with kind of thinking, unfortunately not far enough”.


Vadakar is insistent that no hard border should exist and that the withdrawal agreement should be implemented without further negotiation, but the UK parliament has rejected it so in the absence of another deal, we are gone which means a hard border.

I have no confidence in any of these twats -

May, because she is shit
Corbyn, because he is shit
Vadakar, because he is loving the “look at me on the world stage” and is shit
Juncker because he is corrupt, drunk and shit
Tusk, because he is a messianic eurocrat and shit


Fair points… but the lack of ideas and resolution is a result of not asking any supplementary questions to the very simplistic ‘In or out’ one… because both sides end up claiming they know what people want and would be prepared or not be prepared to compromise on to ensure a smooth exist with minimum economic impact…

This whole ‘will’ of the people bollocks is simply not helping because whilst its fair to say 17.4 mil voted to leave and thus its want we are doing, no one has bothered to ask anyone about WHY they voted as they did. If we knew that the task at hand would be much clearer, because any ‘deal’ would need to take into account what we could compromise on… it would also be very clear to the EU, who would need to accept our deal as demanded by the people, and not some shitty positional negotiation statement…

…I suspect for example, that for many, if there was a way of not being subject to freedom of movement, remaining in the common market would have been an acceptable compromise… I have no data on that, but it would be a big fucking help to whoever is designing a deal to know… I simply dont believe that a majority of Brexiteers see no deal as a good idea…

…BUt as we know, everyone involved is using this to gain political mileage, and they dont give a fuck about the implications or the ‘will’ of the people - they dont need to…


Extension of article 50 is the only way out of this for now, kicking the can with May stepping down, a general election and in turn the parties will put their intentions on a manifesto, that said its a huge risk that could allow a new right populist party in, what else is there?



I hate myself for agreeing that Cameron, Farage & Johnson should go to that special place in Hell?
For not actually having a plan which is what he actually said



What I’m really looking forward to is getting our own blue passports back. Except I don’t think they should be blue. Or all blue.

Liverpudlians in terraced houses still employ the potent combination of cement and broken glass to keep the local scallies from robbin’ the 'ouse.

Surely in a red tape free post-Brexit economy, we’ll be able to combine the principles of hard-backed passports and low cost anti-burglary solutions to produce the ultimate passport, hard-backed blue British cardboard and Mad Max style protusions of broken glass, ready to cut immigration officials that give your slashed jacket and bleeding nipples a second glance.

Rule Britannia. This is why I voted Leave.


Quite amusing to see the outrage from Brexiters regarding Tusk’s remark. And the shameful dishonesty from the whole of the British media in mis-reporting what he said, saying he said Brexiters should burn in hell and other such nonsense… He didn’t, he said he wondered what the place in hell looks like for those who PROMOTED Brexit without even a sketch of a plan. A different thing entirely.
Especially hypocritical when during the negotiations the British side have publicly compared the EU with Soviet gulags, Stalin, Hitler, Napoleon, Remain supporters have variously been traitors, unpatriotic, Nazis, Quislings, enemies of the people etc etc. In this context Tusk’s remarks were restrained. It turns out that the real “snowflakes” in the whole Brexit argument have turned out to be the Brexiters. Who would have thunk it!


So it looks like this quip was planned, if so to what end.

Tusk wants us to stay, or at the very least sign that deal. The only way that is happening is get a consensus in Parliament. If he consciously goes out of his way to piss off a large portion of that house, how is that helpful.


Tusk’s grandfather was a Nazi, init.


And how was it helpful for The UK to piss off the rest of the EU by comparing them to Nazis, Stalin, Soviet gulags etc? I was merely pointing out the hypocrisy of Brexiters like Johnson, Farage, Fox, Davis Leadsome etc who now claim to be offended by Tusk’s remark, which pales into insignificance in comparison with our side’s insults.


You reckon?
On 1st September 1939 when Germany invaded Poland Tusk was assaulted in his house in the morning, and later witnessed German arrests of Poles at the railway station where he worked. Jozef Tusk reported the assaults to Danzig police, and was subsequently arrested as a Polish activist, described as a “Polish fanatic, dangerous to the security of the German State”, his family on the same day were evicted from their house. Tusk was a forced labourer working in the construction of the Stutthof concentration camp. In 1941 he was interviewed by the Gestapo and imprisoned in Neuengamme concentration camp. In 1942 he was released from Neuengamme. In 1944 Tusk was conscripted into the Wehrmacht, as were about 18 million others. After about four months he deserted, defecting to the Polish armed forces in the West, where he may have been detained in an Allied POW camp.
Jozef’s grandson, Donald Tusk was a candidate in the Polish Presidential election of 2005, representing the Civic Platform party, and the claim that his grandfather served in the Wermacht was made by a politician from the opposing party, Jacek Kurski, in an attempt to damage Tusk’s reputation by an association with the Wermacht, who were seen negatively in Poland. Sources vary on the extent to which the accusation had any impact on the election, which was narrowly won by Tusk’s opponent, Lech Kaczynski from the Law and Justice Party,(PIS). Kurski was expelled from PIS for his role in the accusations and Kaczynski issued a public apology to Tusk in the name of his Party.
Nazi my arse, this is desperate stuff from you Pap, parroting nonsense and smears like this. Shameful.