:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal

:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal


Interestingly Jacob Rich Snob’s constituency voted to remain. Democracy eh! Rees Mogg is in line for a huge personal fortune when the UK exits the single market. Not to mention another fortune he will make if the UK crashes out without a deal at the end of March, which will mean that his tax avoiding advice company will not be subject to the new EU rules regarding offshore tax avoidance which come into force at the beginning of April. But hey, Jacob is a man of the people, he wants us to exit the EU because we need to ‘take back control’. Never mind that he lives in a stately home in the West Country, inherited from his father, which the tax payer recently picked up a bill for "improvements’ of 350,000 quid because it is a listed building. An acquaintance of mine is a cab driver in Liverpool, worships Rees Mogg, thinks that he represents his views regarding Brexit and ‘taking back control’. There are tens of thousands more like him across the country. Sadly you can’t fix stupid.


Fife, eh? There’s a cracking top tip about that in Viz.

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Surely he should be following the ‘will’ of his constituency?

He is ultimately just a huge cunt


Anyone that truly wants independence in Scotland would want no part in either. That’s why a third of Indyref Yes voters went for Brexit.

The SNP’s position on Europe and its own quest for sovereignty have always been impossible to reconcile. Yank bank your sovereignty from Peter just to give it to Pierre. There’s a plan.


Er… in your opinion, where is is your data, humbly suggest you are talking bollocks…

… because a majority of the SNPs YES vote was driven by being shafted continually by Westminster… not by the EU. Its got fuck all to do with Sovereignty for most, just fucked off with getting a shitty deal from London… There is no issue when you recognise that truism and that most in Scotland recognise that its too small an economy to go it alone…


C’mon now. How many ardent Remain MPs are defying their constituents? At least Rees Mogg can claim that he supports the country’s decision, even if his constituents do not like it.

No Remain MP gets to say that, save perhaps Nicola Sturgeon who plans to get a country briefly enough to sign it over to the EU.


Survation poll, the only folk to call the general election correctly.


See this is why folks struggle with your argumentation… statements that are your opinion that your try and present as fact… opinions that are rather arrogant in their assumptions (and there are many assumptions without any evidence)

You see everything EU as negative - does not mean that is true. Many don’t see it as signing over anything… but as integrating services. Only a matter of scale.


She’s on record as stating she wants an independent Scotland to become part of the European Union.

As we’ve seen from examples in Greece, Spain and Italy, you’re no longer independent when you join the EU.

So I find nothing wrong in my analysis. Sturgeon still won’t stop going on about it. The SNP are ridiculous.


Scotland integrated? On what level? Huge sectarian divide still in the central belt and the irony is some want to remain in one union and leave another, Scotland probably wouldn’t meet the requirements to enter the EU, in fact it wouldn’t as they’d need a currency for starters.


Did the poll specifically ask about WHY they voted YES in Indy Ref? or just they view on Brexit or Remain?

You se this is why I struggle with you… you have closed off any discourse about the WHY, preferring to hide behind, ‘It was a simple single question of in or out, democracy init?’ I appreciate you don’t care WHY as the vote went your way, but the the ‘why’ is going to come back an bite many who voted brexit on the arse when they finally realise the true implications of what they have committed themselves to…


As shitty deal from London? Fuck me you’re spoilt compared to the North of England, it wasn’t so long ago the SNP were the tartan tories, they taken the young vote for the SNP but they’ll return.


Yep, as just stated, independent for the UK because of years of being shifter by Westminster, yet recognising the value of EU membership… that is not a paradox its a fairly logical position… and I dont even like the SNP or Sturgeon, but I can understand how there is not irony here


So you want an independent Scotland remaining in the EU?


You do know the SNP are left wing dont you Barry?


I’d take that now yes, but Scotland will struggle to meet the economic criteria… sadly


Jesus wept, are you a beginner in politics? Look at the history of the SNP.


What about freedom of movement within the old UK?

You’re full of shit.


Go to bed Barry, I suspect I know a damn sight more about them than you do… They have fucked over Scottish Labour for a reason Barry… and as result made a Labour GE win in the UK ever less likely…


You didn’t know they were called and still are in certain the tartan tories.