:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal

:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal


? your question / statement makes no sense in th context of this discussion - suggest you re-phase in English


All you need to know about the dirty fuckers.


They fucked over the UK and allowed 13 tories in Scotland, well done, also a sex beast in the house to boot, fucking great what next super gran having one up the hoop by the krankies.


… because of their nationalism Barry - (who said I did not know what they had been labeled as… you love to assume so much about people, which is the trait of ignorant trolls… go to bed and let the adults talk, way past your bed time


So you like nationalism?


This’ll be good similar to Frost/Nixon this…


Oh dear… scraping the barrel now hey… bring out more stereotypes… as for Salmond, If he is found Guilty, then he will get what he deserves, until then, it would be better to avoid such statements


Maybe its my age and being a web luddite… but I must say, you seem to love acting as if you are thick as shit to get a bite…

anyway, I am off to bed… got loads to do tomorrow… ‘‘got to keep earning shit loads of money to rub in the faces of your lazy poor fuckers in the North of England…’’

Night night


What stereotypes? You like that trope concerning the white working class supposed racist. I think its your view thats a little jaded and tired.


Are you that one in outlander?


Baz they have a currency but Scottish notes are not excepted anywhere but England Scotland and Wales (I don’t know about Ireland)

The amount of Jocks I have met over the years trying to change Scottish banknotes and getting knocked back by the Money exchanger’s even the dodgy ones don’t want to touch them.


They leave the UK they leave sterling, tatties and neeps won’t cut it.


When I heard that story about the krankies being into swinging, I got a little bit of sick in my mouth. Even now, the image disturbs me.


Considering almost 400 constituencys voted leave, Brexit should have been fait acomplit, however all the other cunts in parliament decided not to represent the will of “their” people


Which would actually be a real boon to the English economy, if the cross border shopping I saw in Northern Ireland was anything to go by. Shitloads of people from the Republic driving over to buy cheaper goods.


After decades of keeping African producers down, there is now a scare story about Brexit plunging 1.7m into extreme poverty.


Forgive me, but

Is this based on any facts or just your opinion of the Guardian? I have no idea how well researched the article is, or whether it is as you suggest fabricated as a scare story, but to dismiss it based on your opinion suggests a closed and rather biassed mind


Even if the story is 100% true, the EU’s tariffs and stockpiles have kept African producers from earning, all to keep French farmers “productive”.

Millions have been in poverty for decades as a result.


I feel for the British Unicycle sellers who are about to experience tariffs of 15% on exporting to the EU for the first time


Well TBF, the ref should have fuck all to do with constituencies, as it was a national referendum and not i any way linked o our parliamentary constituencies… The ONLY reason any MPs give a fuck is because of potential issues of reelection.

Let’s be honest, Leave ‘won’ by a couple of percent… not exactly a huge mandate, not even a BINDING one, but a mandate to consider… but one which has left the country pretty much split in two. Given how our MPs only really give a fuck about re-election and self interest (on all sides) they must be having all sorts of internal struggles.

Question, do we elect politicians purely to implement what we think, or do we elect them to also THINK, use their experience etc in decision making? After all we all take the time to get to know our local Candidates dont we…

Its not exactly surprising that the majority of MPs do not want us to leave without a deal… on both sides, because they probably know that it wont be in our best interests to do so… what is fucking things up is that they cant agree on what a deal should look like as no one has a scoob - after all not been done before etc…

As for the ‘will’ of the people, well for me that would require some insight into WHY folks voted the way they did and therefore, enable a deal to be struck that best fits that ‘will’ … I suspect most brexit voters would also welcome a deal if it meant softening any economic maelstrom that quite possibly will experience with out one?