:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal

:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal


Our liberals on here…


You’re a World away and I mean a World.


This man (not the Twitter poster) is a complete knob. Heard him on the radio earlier and I really don’t understand why people think he’s a “man of the people”


JRM is defo not a man of the people. He is a man of the elite. Even some of his fellow Etonians thought he was a very odd bod. He will be fine whatever happens.


Those restrictions generally being the competence to do a demanded job. Isn’t that fair enough?

It’s certainly how most points based immigration systems work. Most countries that run one have no qualms about preferring people with certain skills.


Yep I suppose we have in the past asked for certain skill sets from people. But recently decided that some of them don’t belong here anymore. So maybe people want other reassurances? I suppose maybe some want to live with a partner and may not have the skills wanted in said country? They’d have trouble. We already see that happening for people who have to earn a certain amount to bring a spose over. I dont know as I’m not one of those getting a passport.

Though hoping Cuba may take me as a brexit refugee (I jest guys… )

But I would really like a bit more of an answer before 29th March. Is that too much to ask?


Who are you talking to Barry?
You haven’t read the article, have you, because it quotes a local MP putting the problems wholy at the tories door. It also explains why the problem is not getting the attention it deserves, because some people keep banging on about Brexit(the only mention it gets in the article and nothing about those untrustworthy funny accented people), so what’s the point of bringing that up on this thread?
Try to put the blame for things where it belongs.


I can quote many articles blaming the tories, your point? This is one of the reasons to why people felt the need to vote Brexit, you’re a Southerner you wouldn’t understand, a tory will shield you from the pain felt by the Labour heartlands.


So is George Osbourne, your point?


Interesting fact that although he went to Eton and has amassed £squillions he isn’t actually “old money”, an image he seems to try to foster.

He married into it (thanks Mrs C_S for pointing it out)

I’m sure his mother : nanny loves him, but a bellend of the highest order imho.


They’re not doing it for the common man or woman. I think that’s my point. But hey you tell me.

Are you going to reply to my question earlier as I didnt understand what you said in your post. Ot could you rewrite it so I can. Thanks.

Oh and you really are into the north south divide aren’t you.


Anyone who believes a politician is an bellend.
Bar Dennis Skinner.


This is a perfect example of Barry Sanchez gibberish. You put the article up. Why?


Our work visa system is already pretty well laid out.



Relevance, one of the reasons why the North voted the way they did, accept it, you’re treated differently as you’re a Southerner.


So… how do you reconcile the fact that in Fife where I happen to life… one of the poorest areas in Scotland the majority voted to remain?


Different Country yet within the UK, Fife voted to remain in the UK didn’t they?


So the tories give us austerity and you’re saying people up north are so thick, they believed the tory lies and blamed the wrong people, whilst letting off the true instigators of the problems?
I’ve got to admit, you may be right, it does sound stupid.

Bit of a broad brush, but if you insist.

I’m certainly charged more for everything, but the poor starve and the homeless freeze in the winter, just the same here, as there. Tell them what’s so different.


Doubt they would now… The majority of Scotland still recognise that the future will be much more about integration despite being fucked by centralised Government… the issues being less about the cunts who are fucking things up now and more about how being part of something bigger will improve provide the stability necessary for growth in a more competitive global economy … Glenrothes, Kirkcaldy have horrendously deprived areas yet both still voted to remain…


Umm yes. Or at least the ability to live with my wife.