:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal

:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal


There’s a big difference between out of control immigration policy, which by the standards the government set down itself, was out of control, and “Breaking Point”.

To be fair to the EU, the never met pledge to keep net migration to tens of thousands would never have been kept even if all EU migrants were excluded.


Big whoosh there, lad.


You said they didn’t go for it. They quite clearly did.
These are their own lying words.

Just about everything they said on immigration was either misleading or a lie. Let’s not rewrite history.


This is somewhat true. Orignally there was a 3 month period you could claim in another country
but then legislation changed and the last change in 2014 says you have to be self sufficient and cannot claim benefits easily at all when you come to the UK.
As I’ve said that puts vulnerable EU women in a lot of bother if they have kids and don’t work/lose a job (a lot of work places still illegally get rid of pregnant women). You cannot claim, you can then become intentionally homeless (new regs in May this year do have to try and minimise homelessness) and then the only options is social care and maybe a ticket “home”. Somewhere, some of those people havent been living in for a decade or so. So often no famkily or support network there.
We could have put in checks and measure but we (governments) chose not to.
I’ve also just been looking up a few things and a joseph rowntree poll (sure there will be an opposing one somewhere) said the vast majority of people who voted leave were concerned about immigration (72%) along with mistrust of polititcians and many voted emotionally.

Anyway haven’t we all been over this immigration stuff before?
From my own experience of people I know (irl) voted leave. 2 were about immigration and one was Pap. I don’t know how others voted.
Is it a deal or no deal?
We’ve not got long guys!
Whose stock piling?
Who has found a grandparent from a EU country and got a new passport? I know a few who have.


Vote leave did go down the immigration thread.
Even Mr Gove said
that the official leave campaign should not have stoked fears about Turkish immigration during the 2016 Brexit referendum.


Got a fair bit of wine and rum in.

I do, but i haven’t bothered, as getting a blue passport back trumps everything and i will only have to wave it in jonny foreigners face to make him cower. Or so i’m told :lou_facepalm_2:


Two things. First, it’s a fair cop.

However, you have to acknowledge that it is precisely this kind of major decision, out of people’s hands, such as the accession of a whole new country, that has caused people to turn their backs on the European Union.

Even when Cameron was trotting about with his “we’ll only have a referendum if there is a significant change in sovereignty”, that never covered accession. To me, having a whole new part of a country, replete with problems and opportunities, is a significant change in sovereignty.

As for Turkish accession, I’m against it for two reasons. First, there’s Erdogan, not exactly stable. Second, with so many former holiday destinations in the Eurozone,where the fuck else are we supposed to go for cheap holidays?


Glad to see you are stock piling sensibly!


Agree on Erdogan.
Having once been to Turkey and horribly ill after its not on my list of most go places.
You could try Morocco? Pretty nearby and completely different. Though alcohol is pricey.


Slum housing is already illegal but it won’t stop, the rewards are far far too high and with little punishment. You’re totally naive in hotbedding, most farmers in the South have caravans out the back for European workers, they’re on site and work very very hard, how is that conducive for owning a house or raising a family, hope is diminishing in this Country, many are getting left behind and the consequences will be far reaching and a genuine populist reactionary party UNLESS we listen and address the concerns of the forgotten masses.
Its all ok though we can all have a latte and discuss how lucky we are with our educated middle class neighbours from abroad.
Parallel lives.


Why would you want or need a EU passport?
This is a genuine question.


I’m planning to drink it all on the first day, then run around the supermarket, waving my hands in the air, screaming, everyone panic, there’s no food left.
Not sure how i’m going to run around after all that drink, but any details that might prove problematic, i’ll just lie about and blame a foreigner.


Lordy. You do struggle a bit don’t you?

Because some people would like to have the freedom of movement which is likely to be taken away.To have the opportunity of working else where in the EU without possible restrictions. Particulalry as currently there doesn’t appear to be a resolution to that.


Sadly I think this is sometime where a problem lies… for those with nothing, and lacking opportunities to get out of a local poverty trap, they just see such things a ‘middle class’ ‘Southern’ issues, a ‘first world problem’ so to speak. Whereas, the opposite should be true, that such freedoms that represent opportunity should be aspirational, after all, many from the EU have come hear from across the social and skill spectrum… yet the reverse has tended to be only the skilled sector… This aspiration is also key to social mobility…


If you’re good you won’t have any trouble moving, you struggle with that hard fact, ergo, the local the populace with lower skills will be in higher demand and will be offered higher pay, we’ll have to pay more but the local population will be better off.
Call it forced socialism, an anathema to liberals.


How can a person with no skills living in a bedsit in a town decimated by successive cuts over generations move? To where and with what?

Fuck me you’re on a different planet.


Glad you’re not a teacher in a school up there encouraging kids to aspire to something more than a bedsit with no skills… you seem to like giving up on folks dont you…


… and it’s not just unskilled who will get screwed. I doubt the recent News that Nissan will no build a new Model in Sunderland won’t be the last business to pull out production in teh UK


Sorry. What?


The production of cars has many things attached to it not solely Brexit, cheaper labour with the EU for one, a highly educated workforce in Eastern Europe with cheap land and growing markets, it didn’t save Ford in Southampton did it?