:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal

:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal


Fear not, those that hanker for the past. The tories are hell bent on taking us back in time.
Celebrate one and all(or be a traitor).

‘Dickensian diseases’: gout, whooping cough and scarlet fever on rise


Where was Mildred from and why do people believe slaying her is to celebrated?
All a bit mental really, isn’t it.


Well, I remember being all proud to be British, whilst watching ‘I, Daniel Blake’ - celebrating the great film making tradition of Ken Loach… obviously the content was all fiction and nothing to worry about, but the acting was good…

But we are getting a bit off topic.

The point is simple one though, that we really should be thinking more about what is to come and not fucking it up, than dwelling on past ‘glories’. We need to be thinking of what kind of society we want for our grandkids etc, and IMHO, worrying about sovereignty and a politicians making corrupt buck is not going to get us there…


Are you saying that Britain has nothing to be proud of other than that?

I think we’ve got a lot of stuff sorted compared to our continental cousins. Take your example of race. Do you honestly think France is further along than us in this department?

Britain has areas where there are large concentrations of a single cultural group, but there’s no comparison with the banlieu system over in France, which is basically state mandated segregation.

Its attitude to refugees and migrants stinks too; the camps near Calais are a callous reminder. It is perhaps no surprise that Marine Le Pen finished second in the French Presidential elections.

I think we should be proud that we’re a lot more tolerant than the people across the Channel.


I dont disagree that we should be proud of such things… but lets be real about this. The jingoistic flag wavers ae not focused on those things. In addition, its easier to be proud when we ignore all the stuff we should be ashamed of… but that is why looking back is less important than looking forward.


Well, since we’re being real about this, do you honestly think that jingoistic flag wavers were the decisive factor in the poll?

Or are they, as I suspect, a particularly pointless slice of the Brexit pie, presented as the whole pie?


In that sense it means nothing to me.


Oh. Vienna.


I lost a tenner…


No idea, but this discussion began with piece on how many of the poor, were considered to have voted as they did despite knowing it might make them poorer still… the notion of sovereignty and issues of migration, somehow being more important to them than their own well being… and the big question WHY? With part of the answer being found in this perception of ‘British spirit’, the churchillian ideal… the same strange paradox that sees millions of working class people support the Tories, that saw working class folks in Oldham vote BNP believing the bullshit that immigration was the cause of all local ills.

My point is that we don’t overcome such misconceptions through further jingoistic flag waving, through further nationalistic ideas, through the false belief that sovereignty should matter more than the length of the queues at the food banks.

My question to those folks is Why? What logic are rational thought process leads people to value a flag and identity which is a glorious mix of Norse, Saxon, Celt, French and Roman, plus African anyway, over their on welfare? Is this not perverse?

I suggest its fear of what is not known, fear that something will be lost with further integration, when the truth is nothing is ever lost, but all identity evolves with every generation… as it should.

We hear folks say they lost like freedom of movement, they are frightened of an integrated army, frightened of integrated financial systems or policy determination? Why? Because they have been told to be frightened of it, because its not ‘British’?

Well in 2019, food banks are British, Poverty is British, Prejudices and racism are British… so not sure we need to be celebrating how great we are as a society. Whilst folks still believe the while national celebratory crap, its rich pickings for the rich elite to keep the poor in their place…




Oooh, tenous.
More sensible statement would be tge decline of parents getting their kids vaccinated.
Which is also a subject for big pharma threads, and i was not ‘at ease’ when my kids had tbe MMR jabs.


Of course the jingoistic flag wavers were the decisive factor in the poll. As i said before, in complete denial. It was all about immigration. Any thinking, and honest person knows this. But keep on burying your head.


What fear? You appear to be shit scared to call it for what it is, poverty is a nations shame of course but people did that not a nation.
You don’t have to be your crap stereotype similar to all Brexiters are racist bollocks concerning being proud to be from the nation you reside or do so, go and take a Jamaicans flag down on their national day, you wouldn’t have the bollocks, you’d say how great and diverse it is and then sneer at a St George cross in England.
Do you not see the hypocrisy?
It may amaze you but its never dawned on me to have a St George tattoo, or have the flag out my window or car when the World Cup is on or at any other time but I certainly wouldn’t sneer, laugh or look down on someone for it, that to me goes against everything you appear to stand for?
Speak as you find and don’t judge.

You try and take a flag away from any other nation, your friends who are from different places? Treat them the way you treat a white working class Brit, laugh at their patriotism, pride and joy and remembering their place and first home, you’ll soon find out some home truths.


It wasn’t immigration to me, if you’re going to make sweeping statements I’ll say the Southerners wanted to stay in merely for their employment status and nothing else.
And lets say I agree with you (I don’t) and it was all about immigration, so what? If that narrative was framed it should have been countered, blame the shit remain campaign.


Go and start talking about nationalism in Thailand, they fucking love their Country, moan about Royal family.
I take it you take the piss out them?


Why no one can take you seriously is because of posts such as this where you simply just make up Bollocks about what you think posters believe or assume…

No idea what this means…

Assumption… and utter bollocks

Another assumption…

You do have form defending this ‘patriot’ …

Which shows you are acting like a dumbarse … folks having pride in their heritage is not the issue… It about believing heritage and ‘nation’ are the same thing… they are not. You need to start using your brain a bit more if you want folks to take you in anyway seriously…


Who believes this heritage and nation thing? Is this another smokescreen as you can’t admit all other nations can patriots and love their nations bar ours as people sneer at them.
Japan, Bangladesh and lets say Argentina, you simply hate nation states don’t you? Thats fine I’ve met lots like that but they only sneer and laugh and the white working class Brit.
Do it to others and you won’t be a hypocrite.


I only sneer and laugh at you Barry… :rofl:


You do and thats fine, now do it to a flag waving proud Indian or Somalian.