:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal

:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal


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Anyway, anyone fancy a big fire?
Revealed: plan to deal with ‘putrefying stockpiles’ of rubbish after no-deal Brexit


Wrong place for this news and your hijacking of this thread with your usual drivel on culture and integration. How may threads do you take up with this? (Dont want you to answer, so that will be usual for you)
It’s really very very tedious.


Brains, Burberry and pearls, all up the Cabinet Office walls :joy:


Love this guy.


I’m with you on this Bazza. In fact being British has become an embarrassment. Almost every Nation on earth has a day of celebration and pride in their achievements, National Day in the UAE, The National Days of India, Pakistan, Australia and yes the USA.
And yet the UK has nothing, the English are shamed for trying to celebrate St Georges day.

Brits are not allowed to have pride in their Nation, the msm, the elite, the PC brigade HATE any chance of the population “feeling good”. It becomes so obvious once you move away and see the whingeing Poms is true.

Not saying that Brits cannot be happy, just that successive generations of leadership removed that sense of belonging to a community.

And at the end of the day, THAT is one of many reasons why so many are disconnected and why they voted to leave. Not all Leave voters did so because of Immigration.

Or bent Cucumbers


My Mrs likes a bent cucumber every now and again :lou_is_a_flirt:


And the saddest part is its Brits who whinge, moan, laugh and sneer celebrate every one elses, we’re made to feel guilty for absolutely everything, they’re nation haters plain and simple and the few if any other nation would put up with such shite.
They want it to be all about us crying about Empire and John Bull when it simply an appreciation of one’s Country and you’re totally correct about the disconnect.
I genuinely pity the snobby metropolitan whoppers as they live somewhere where they don’t want to be, and there are loads of people I know from afar who quite rightly feel British and feel the same about showing it.
Its the tail wagging the dog.


Marina Hyde is on good form today.

"Would you write some insane column wanking over rationing cookbooks for a war you were born after? Would you stockpile trauma packs out of concerns over risk to life? Would you –”

Brexit Britain is now the only argument on Earth for rising sea levels


‘Pride’? Pride in what? When folks say they are proud to be British, what are they proud of exactly? They are in effect saying they want to celebrate others achievements, not stuff they did… and most countries that have these ‘celebrations’ aren’t celebrating great doctors, or scientists or teachers or folks that have made a real contribution not only to their community but on a global scale, no they are mostly celebrating wars, ‘great’ historic victories…

The whole notion of ‘countries’ is so utterly trivial and nonsensical anyway… this is not some airy fairy liberal bollocks (the new ‘insult’ to replace the equally dim witted ‘political correctness gone mad’) Its a simple fact because we have only been telling ourselves it matters for a few hundred years (Britain, a Roman word… our plucky Saxons are from Saxony in Germany, Our Royal family is German, the French gave us half the Language when we were officially French… In the last 100 years it’s been less invasion and more migration that is shaping how the ‘country’ evolves. A few hundred years on a planet that is 4.5 billion years old on which we have only been around for a fraction of it…

The reason folks don’t like ‘national pride’ is because its NEVER really about celebrating the good stuff, its about celebrating past victories and for many a belief they are more worthy, better than those born in other places. Utter fucking nonsense

If you desperately need something to take pride in, do something yourself, give up your time to help others, help your community, encourage your family to do the same and be proud of that, not stuff done by others how ever many years ago… and if you still not convinced, why are you not ‘celebrating’ the food banks, the childhood poverty, the fact we have inadequate health and mental health provision, that we don’t look after our old people properly… All part of ‘Great Britain’ in 2019…


The Greek soldier that slayed an imaginary beast, in a made up story?


I too think we should celebrate our prowess in the art of sarcasm.


Oh Really…


Now here’s the Thing… SAINT George - who is he, did he exist, what was the Dragon called? what is his connection to us? and why do all these folks want to celebrate on a SAINTs day as if they are suddenly desperate to be love a religious icon?

Much better would be a ‘the shameful things we have done day’ to remind jingoistic fuckers of the shit we have caused and how we should learn from it… I want to see the dockers in Liverpool, all remembering how the city prospered as a hub for slaves…


If you thinks it’s about St George then toure so so mistaken, as much as you want me or many others to be stella drinking inbreds many are not, good jobs, nice cars, nice house,lovely stable family with two kids and a dog etc etc.
You can’t grasp I love this country and am grateful for it and what it has given me, move elsewhere if you’re not happy?
Apologies for possible poor or worse writing than normal s on bus with no reading glasses.


He did exist and was a greek(possibly Turkish) soldier(not Knigh) in the roman army.

Mildred as far as i remember.


St George probably was Turkish but who gives a crap? We got him off Genoa, St Patrick was a Welsh slave by the Irish.


Yeah our Saint killed a dragon, all that Patrick did was scare a few snakes away.


Hey? What has happiness or otherwise got to do with it? This is about the ridiculousness of having pride in other peoples achievements and ignoring the shit and shame…

…and at the risk of evoking the wrath of Godwin, They used to say ‘fuck off if you don’t like it’ to anyone who was not supporting the National Socialists…