:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal

:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal


Divert, the EU vote and the EU for that matter has nothing to do with our internal integration issues, you’d like it to though son.


What happens Barry, as you well know, is that the youth become more integrated and less orthodox… if you don’t know any (ex/less orthodox) Muslims, then that says more about you than it does about your views on others integrating… Older generations will not change, but they are not around forever… but if we don’t remove the argumentation for radicalisation, nothing changes. To bring this back, My POV is that we will have a better understanding, the more we integrate with neighbours, not through isolationism driven by fear of brown skinned folks…


I guess you haven’t been to Oldham, Blackburn and Dewsbury lately?

Jesus Christ you’re naive.


How can we integrate?
I’ve asked this?
How can we when we don’t agree on womens rights and gay rights?
Are you prepared to give them up for integration?



Thats all you have?
Your thoughts mean well but you’re so wide of the mark and the reality its as sad as it is depressing.


Then none of this conversation should be on this brexit thread.


Because it is flow of conversation, a poor naive hummus the World is ok with the subjugation of women type as we must all get on the men must rule as its our culture type of shit conversation but one none the less.


Culture! Its great isn’t it! This lady was also into witchcraft as well, a well rounded person.


Fuck me. Is there any fucking point in having separate threads? Why don’t you just start a general rant thread Barry and stay there all day?


Well start a Casey Review thread and the snowflakes can put their reverse racist agenda on there? Sounds fair to me.


I have plenty more, but its a little pointless if you wont concede a fundamental part of the the debate…or don’t understand the concept of time

We have seen articles that discuss the impact on the Brexit vote of those in poverty voting as they do because of their principles on sovereignty and its not a big leap of faith to understand this is in part also driven by concerns over migration… its not a difficult concept to grasp IMHO, that physical integration leads to better understanding of the issues and drivers and concerns… these can then be addressed, as well as the influence of a more relaxed and liberal culture diluting orthodoxy over generations… its why we no longer burn heretics, witches or lock up homosexuals…

Its why concepts and ‘experiments’ such as the EU, IMHO, should not be sacrificed because some fat twats take commercial advantage, or because others spread untruths about the implications of migration…


My wife had a meeting with two mp’s today lobbying her in all but name, both are ardent remainers but they totally understand why people in their constituencies voted out, you simply don’t and won’t grasp the reality and still haven’t answer the question of how a man within a faith will now treat his wife as an equal, I presume you’ll be happy with tolerance not acceptance, the status quo.
Do you understand what a religious fundamentalist means?


Whatever Barry… its clear that you dont really wish to discuss this because you simply want to wind up… I wont bite today… its the weekend

…I must laugh as its a shame you cant read. I will repeat once … more… a little slower… ‘you CANT’ or it will be very difficult to change an individuals POV as in your example’ - the change happens overtime when the youth are exposed to more liberal and enlightened perspectives… I ask you again, how many Muslims have you had a pint with? How many do you know? Not many I guess by your infatuation with those with more extremist views… but we have been here before many times and its frankly a waste of a Friday evening…


I don’t know any Muslims I have a pint with, I play football with lapsed people of that faith and have a pint sure.
But we don’t live in segregated places, you don’t even know they exist.


I humbly suggest that trolling by way of making assumptions is a bit amateur… up your game Bazza or go have a pint, its Friday


Sadly for you its not trolling, there is no comfort there for you, have a good weekend.


Paranoid idiocy?


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I haven’t a clue to what you refer.