:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal

:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal


Article 50 will be delayed. Also, we don’t know what has been pencilled in between Labour and the EU. I don’t think they’ve been meeting for fun. Possibly Labour/EU ‘negotiations’ are further along than we think. I reckon the answer to the second question is “Because we won’t have May’s red lines so won’t be negotiating from the same position.”



Reports yesterday that John Mann and co, the usual suspects, have been meeting with May and are hailing her reported offer to back down over workers rights legislation.As if they are interested in workers rights! Hinting that they will defy the Labour whip and vote for May’s deal. These treacherous bastards are interested in only one thing, stopping a Corbyn led Labour Party from gaining power, They have failed miserably with their anti-semite smears and obviously see this as their last chance to kybosh his chances. They are a disgrace to the Party,if they go ahead and vote for her miserable deal they should be de selected and thrown out.



Self serving bastards- as I’ve said previously they are only in it for themselves. They don’t give a flying-fuck for “the people”.


Maybe they should do a swap

20 treacherous Labour whip defying bastards for 20 Tory ones


Politicians who are not just in it for themselves and who do give a monkeys about the people are an endangered species


They are all ready extinct


Dominic Greive giving it the whole new referendum line - I want to know if he gets his wish and the electorate deliver another leave vote, will he do everything in his power to deliver a Brexit, or will he try to frustrate the result again until he gets the answer he wants. In fact that applies to all MPs asking for a new referendum.

None of them seem to have been asked that question yet


He’s a cunt - and I’m not normally a sweary man.

I don’t know how he sleeps at night. Perhaps he likes the idea of being instrumental in beggaring Britain - am sure his family past and future will be really proud.


You do know Grieve is a staunch Remainer?


All cunts - don’t care anymore. we’re fucked and it is everyone’s doing, even you @pap

Did you watch - Brexit: The Uncivil War?

Thought not.


Nice save, Fraser. I’m sure no-one noticed :wink:

I haven’t seen Brexit : The Uncivil War.

I have read All Out War, by Tim Shipman, The Road To Somewhere by David Goodhart, Unleashing Demons by Craig Oliver (Cameron’s press chief) and The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray.

I am presently working my way through Adam Tooze’s excellent “Crashed”, which isn’t about the referendum per se, but is a fantastic potted history of how much the European Union has fucked itself on the financial markets.

What’s the Uncivil War got that they don’t?

(I will watch it)


Isn’t that fiction?
Huge choice of replies for that :joy:


As if anything in the MSM is anything but fiction

We all choose what we want to hear and dress it up in all of our online / real life conversations to make out what we believe in is actually true


I’m assuming it’s going to be some pro-Remain piece which places all the emphasis on the people running the Leave campaigns, while at the same time weaving a narrative about how everyone is falling for their shit.

I look forward to the scene with the bus, which will presumably see the doey-eyed undecided stand bolt upright to attention, as if struck by divine forces.


Its all gone fucking mad… we now have…

Hard brexiteers, who dont want any deal
Medium brexiteers who don’t care about any deal
Medium brexiteers who don’t like the current deal but want a better deal
Medium brexiteers who will support the current deal
Soft brexiteers who dont like the deal and want a different deal
Soft brexiteers who will support the deal
Brexiteers who won’t support the deal because they know it will fuck the Government even more
Brexiteers who wont support any deal as it will fuck the government
Remainers who hate the deal but will support it because there is nothing else and its better than no deal
Remainers who like the deal but wont support it because it will fuck with the government
Remainers/Brexiteers who just want to fuck the Government

Now place all these groups on the x axis of a matrix and then place the different party political loyalties on the y axis… and we then see the true fragmentation this whole fucking mess has caused… no one has a fucking clue how to unite these groups to get enough voters to win a General election… that is all the party analysts are doing, to try and figure out what policy will win a majority… big fucking political game with the genuine concerns of the social and economic impact of Brexit on the most vulnerable …and all of us really, almost lost in the political shit storm that is GE vs Deal or No Deal…


Just watch the fucking thing will you?!


Best post of today!


I haven’t seen it(and i won’t be), but the single paragraph i read, of the only review i looked at, seemed to suggest it was mainly about one person.
There is no attempt at balance on this subject from anyone. We’re in this mess(shit deal, or a regulation free yankie vassal outpost, not the vote) because everyone kept point scoring, rather than pulling may and the grinning halfwits up on their lying. The media is mainly at fault, as it’s them that have kept it simmering. Where were the proper debates, or informative news articles*, rather than the soundbite game shows we were fed?
Doesn’t matter which side you’re on, you’re future is not being handled in a rational way and everyone is too busy bickering to deal with it.

*what we get isn’t news, it’s this.