:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal

:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal


Because the extreme left, liberals and nation haters who are fascists called anyone loving their nation ie England fascist, this is totally and utterly unique to this Country whereby we celebrate everyone else’s culture and nations yet laugh at people who do the same to their own here, another reason they voted leave - They felt fucked off at being laughed by the metropolitan elite for loving their own Country.


I’ll take Denham’s more nuanced view of the situation, if it’s all the same to you.



Sorry struggling to use the forum correctly just now, but was struck by this from Pap, below. Am risking a rare post on a political thread but anyhow…

“We’ve also seen what sort of deal the EU would like to offer us, and it’s a very shabby deal indeed”.

Is this not the crux of the issue with the deal right now? What we have on offer is what they, the EU, are willing to let us have. Hardly surprising it’s not everything we might ideally want. The EU (a) don’t want us to leave and (b) if we must leave, they want to make it painful and unattractive to try to dissuade others.

How any MPs (of any party) who have not been in the negotiations to date can continue to claim that they WOULD (not even maybe) secure a better deal is beyond me. Of course the vast majority (at least) will never be proved wrong, so it’s a great claim to keep making, if anyone swallows it. :thinking:






It may well be beyond the politicians. I hope it is, because if it becomes apparent that the EU won’t deal with anyone on the British side of the equation, it’ll look even more unreasonable than it does now.

No real disagreement with your post, btw.


You wait.

1 year after we have exited.

The French will come crawling for us to save them from the German tyranny that is trying to over run Europe.


I expect you’ll enjoy this.


Bercow has not made many friends yesterday

“egotistical preening popinjay” is the Mail’s headline. Somewhat mouth foaming, but I do get the impression that Bercow rates himself somewhat.


Lost a few, made more on the other side of the house. The guardian are salivating over “brave hero” Bercow(Martin Kettle).
Crace is probably closer to the truth.

“Bercow was in his element, becoming ever more pompous and self-important in his mannerisms. Francois had been right to say that the original motion said no motion could be moved other than by a minister of the crown, but this was an amendment that didn’t need to be debated. So tough. If the Commons didn’t like the amendment then it could always vote it down. Not that it would, because Bercow wasn’t stupid enough to select a contentious amendment that wouldn’t get passed.”

Tory Brexiters are calling for his head. Bercow is in his element


First msm call for a “Revolution”??


Yeah, like a “citizens assembly” will every be representative of the people. It would be filled with self-seeking self-publicists - unless it was picked by random ballot from all eligible to vote and participation was mandatory.


You can imagine it, Pap, Bazza & MoT get called up along with a crowd from fiverweb.

It could make a fortune for the TV rights.
But it would be cronies, we all know that :wink:

I do like their detailed explanation of their “position” on the whole mess though.
It’s helped my jet lag


Replacing one hopelessly split bunch of tossers with another hopelessly split bunch of tossers will definitely move the process forward.


I’d be up for that. And, dare i say, i’d be fucking mint, too. Naturally, i’d have to use threats of extreme violence for any bastard that dared to disagree with me, but that aside, i’d be a cool alternative to the useless wankers in there, or wanting to be in there, at present.


Do these debates in the Commons actually serve any purpose these days - how many MPs sit there and listen to what is being said and then make a decision. Strikes me that they all have predetermined positions and they use the debates as an opportunity to grandstand on TV


It’s always interesting to hear what the Guardian of apartheid in the Middle East has to say on an issue :smiley:

Their Brexit coverage wasn’t actually that bad to start with. Some nice introspective and thoughtful pieces. Lately, it has become almost indistinguishable from the Independent in that every article could be retitled “Stop Brexit” and the copy would still make sense.


Corbyn on top form.


This clip does not show the questions at the end, one of which was along the lines: “if you do make a motion of no confidence, and force an election, how is there time to do this and then renegotiate with the EU before the deadline?”

The answer was fudged sadly, it’s a valid question. The secondary question, not asked, would have been: “why will the EU offer you something different?”