:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal

:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal


By the time I get to the Tunnel in July, they will have overcome the initial ball ache - I would however avoid the week of Brexit


Tunnel will be fine within days. It’s not as if we’re going to stop importing/exporting on the day we leave and the tunnel is so important for food supplies. The M20 is now basically a motorway(or car park) for lorries.
Enjoy the food and wine😊


Maybe right time to claim refugee status?


Oh…pretty sure that’s not the part of the plan


The subtleties in the above are quite interesting. My translation in bold.

Ms Kocijancic said: "We understand that there was a recent change in the way the diplomatic precedence list is implemented by the United States’ Protocol.

Don’t mention the downgrade

“We are discussing with the relevant services in the [US] administration possible implications for the EU delegation in Washington. We were not notified of any change. They did us up! We expect the diplomatic practice established some years ago to be observed.” Nothing has changed!

She stressed that the EU and US “remain natural partners, natural friends”. appeal to parity

They seem rather upset to me.

Only natural, I suppose. They see themselves as an essential and indelible feature of Europe and the wider world. The US has basically called them a club.


So the MPs have hogtied the govt with their amendment.

Basically we have to accept that turd of a deal, cause it is the only one We will get, or crash out and be unable to take any emergency tax steps.



Or a fresh vote - out or in accepting those terms?


We’ve had the vote.

There was no mention of any deal in the text of that question, therefore absolutely no reason why not having a deal would necessitate a second vote.

There is a whole rest of the world to trade with.


I disagree as you know I would

You’re as bad as Barry looking to needle.



I’ll agree with you on this, if we don’t get further into bed with America. That deal demands a worse life for all vassals.


If it go to another vote on those terms, would you accept another out vote?



Or we could just stick with the facts. There was nothing about a deal on that referendum. You can disagree with that fact. Doesn’t make it any less true.


Absolutely- but only if the information given to the electorate pre-vote is honest and truthful- something that could not be said about the original vote.

We know a lot more about the ramifications of leaving now, but if “the people” still can’t see through the bullshit then the UK deserves everything it gets.

I’ll still be just behind @saintbletch queuing up for our Eire passports - just in case…


We’re all a long way past eighteen, sir. The notion of an election where everyone is completely truthful is a child’s wish. I’m not sure it has ever happened. We seem to have implemented them all regardless.


Not about the deal, the lies Pap.

I believe the electorate deserves the right to vote on facts not blatant lies and misinformation.

If you are happy to exit on that basis then you deserve all the shit that gets piled on you if it all goes wrong - hey, it might even be great, but I doubt it, unless you are a plutocrat, but I know you’re not& neither am I.


As I’ve just said, you are lied to every election, including at the last European referendum before this one.

We can reverse the 1975 decision on that basis too. Shall we?


It’s looking increasingly like a GE called next week to me.


The tories might be insane, but going to the electorate with May, now, would be a whole new field.
How long does it take to stab her in back(front in her case) and dump the body.


Reverse the 1975 vote?


People are way more informed and educated these days.

A second vote is all that’s needed to see if the “will of the people” is really to leave the EU (subject to the Govt and opposition not telling massive porkies like last time).

Harking back to 1975 is a poor argument and I think you know it deep down.