:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal

:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal




Yep, as i’ve said before on this thread, if your life is shite and your family have had a multi generational shafting by Westminster, it’s easier to be swayed by Charlatans who sell a dream than it is to be persuaded that your crap life is the best you can get, by some privileged tosser in Westminster. Stands to reason. The referendum was as much about an opportunity for the unheard to give politicians a kicking as it was about leaving the EU.


And by fuck didn’t they take it, if you don’t listen to your voters populism grows, this is the start though as people have had enough of globalisation, they’ve had enough of becoming poorer while the rich get richer.
When BRIC countries start to erode Europes wealth and influence the shit will really hit the fan and there is really nothing we can do about it.


yeah I was having a look yesterday as I am not sure about booking anything at present.


I am merrily booking up for Europe and further afield. It will be fine.


This ferry story is government incompetence and/or malfeasance writ large.

Listening to George Galloway’s show now. According to George, the firm has no address of its own, just the lawyer’s office. It has a credit rating of £5K. Ramsgate, the port it wants to operate from, is inoperable.


Tbh Pap, the only shock is that you lot are even slightly surprised by this stuff.
Brexit is a carve up, good companies see their value fall or collapse because of uncertainty, hedge funds and asset strippers carve them up and make a fortune when things inevitably stabilise.


I’m just hoping for the yellow vests to have a day off when I drive down to La Plagne in February.



Johnny Global doesn’t look very global in his cap. But think David Gandy (profile pic) is more global.


Will it? I am also part time now so less money I don’t want to lose if anything goes wrong.


There’ll be plenty to jobs harvesting fruit and veg once Johnny Foreigner is sent packing.



Ah cool. I’ll get my C.V. off.


I’ll need someone to sell this massive pile of hi viz vests.


Mind you they don’t like foreigners in Lincolnshire. :lou_wink_2:


I genuinely believe it will.


Drinks for everyone on you if not?



Sure, no problem


You’re safe there. Delays maybe, but the world won’t stop turning just because we couldn’t sort things out over the last 2 years.
Might be worth waiting to book, as any panic could make prices fall(obvious risk involved).