:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal

:brexit: Brexit - Deal or no deal


Loyalty beyond what was asked or required, we spat in their faces.
The irony no is they’re alone trading with the World doing far better per person than the motherland, good on them.


You sure it is lamb you were thinking of?



We’re shipping it here and there for the same reasons we can’t get our motors off of fossil fuel.

Everyone in the supply and distribution chain is on an earner.


Some people are going to want the likes of Google and Apple on their CVs, Bazza.

I don’t think we’re very far apart on this.

Once they go, the people you describe will say “fuck that”, as they have done for centuries.


Anchor salted butter was the other thing the Kiwis gave us


Couldn’t find anywhere else for this to go, don’t know how old this is but for me its pretty much correct. The middle classes simply don’t get it.


Thick as mince - both author and subjects tbf


Tad dismissive one thinks.


Hell, yeah. True though.

I assume you count yourself as standing firmly alongside people who don’t or can’t think about the implications of what they voted for.

As I said. Thick as mince.

Cue long rant from Pap. :lou_sunglasses:


No long rant from me. Unnecessary. When someone’s prepared to dismiss an article instantly without addressing any of the points it makes, what sort of love would my rant get?


Maybe that view and opinion is why these people used their vote that way?
If you have nothing you’ll vote the opposite way the people in power want you to.


Few gave a fuck about the plight of the poor before the poor voted us out of Europe.

Now there are lots of Remainers saying “imagine what it’ll do to the poor!”


Lol :joy:


Wish they’d kept it. Never liked it.


It’s a bit simple and one sided(like a negative of the guardian) but i wouldn’t dismiss this.
“She said she didn’t know, and didn’t care. She just couldn’t stand things being the same.”
Barry is right on one thing. If you have nothing, you don’t really care if others lose everything as well(especially whilst calling you thick).
We’ve moved no further forward since 2016 and that suits the worst people and their plan perfectly.



Ooh. Some information. An FCO Travel Advisory

So, nothing will change then after Brexit…


Wasn’t there a 21 month period afterwards anyway regardless?


You’re asking a bloke who lives outside the EU & who’s total knowledge of Brexit is this thread?



Jesus wept, you’re in trouble. I look for the RT and BBC sites if I were you.