Boxing Thread

Boxing Thread


Joshua v Parker around 10pm. David Price should be intereting also.

I did criticise boxing before as producing concussive brain damage. That was until Sky got me to do a live cross for Soccer AM and paid. I’m ok with it now.


I’m sat on a bar in the middle of Benidorm watching this, the Burnett fight is stodgy and frustrating and I hope we don’t start copying the Americans of trying not get hit.


It was a bit surreal being in the ring before a major sporting event. If Carl Froch hadn’t just turned up 1 minute before the live, then be a twat, Also Adam is a cunt also, Sky commentator.


The ring is quite springy also, really surprised. Everyone had to take shoes off.



If Price doesn’t win then that’s his career over


Is Price the ones with the jeans on?


I love you


The Russians on shaky legs after round 1


Oh dear


You’re a big man but your out of shape


I’m not sure it going to be that easy for Joshua?


Part of me wants Parker to win, he’s such a humble Samoan dude :laughing:


It would change his life


He will be the one with the tracky bottoms on.


I wish they’d get on with it


NZ anthem goes on a bit…


Joshua in 3. :lou_wink:


Hey dudes, let’s hear your predictions :laughing:


KO round 8 Joshua