:gov: Boris Johnson is Still the Prime Minister

I shit you not.

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…unless the queen laughs in his face.

She could ask him to demonstrate that he can command a working majority.

Was about to say, a bit premature bletch.

She does need to sign it off.

Fucking hell, Boris Bloody Johnson

I never would have guessed that flag waving goon would get the top job - what an indictment of those wankers in Parliament

We are all to blame for this

Cameron for setting the hare running
May for not being good enough
Corbyn for not providing credible opposition
Us for the infighting over Brexit which has encouraged the MPs to frustrate and thwart the process m

All this led to Boris


Privilege to be elected leader.

Is that a comment from Johnson or a comment on our political class?




And so it begins… the first real impact of Brexit is a complete ridiculous dangerous Trump-clone in Number 10

We get what we deserve


How in hell’s name did it come to this. A handful of the population, members of the Tory party some who were aged just 15, some who are not even British have decided to install this clown as Prime Minister. This is a man, who as Foreign Secretary remarked to an assembly of foreign diplomats, " We have invaded, defeated or conquered most of your countries but you are here as friends". Apparently some of them were not amused. Johnson would be out of his depth on a wet pavement. If we hear a low rumble later today that will be the sound of the rest of the civilized world laughing at us.


How can you trust someone who can’t make up his mind to wear his shirt inside his trousers or outside his trousers. :lou_facepalm_2:


If you look at the press, the rumble is the pound crashing through the floor. All saying holiday makers should buy euros now.

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The £ : € rate is pretty piss poor at the moment anyway- was looking at the exchange price at Gatwick the other day and it was almost on parity - but it’s one of the worst places to change currency tbf.

It’s ok guys. It is just Kingston.


That’ll be The United Kingston of Brittan I think you’ll find.


Do we know when he will be addressing the nation? I want to be in good time to ignore it.

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Who Clown BoJo or Donald Gump?

Whoever you’ve got.