:gov: Boris Johnson is Still the Prime Minister

I’m really looking forward to PMQ’s. It’s going be a massive fucking car crash.


Will they take Euros in Devon?

It’ll be like a stream of consciousness post where the subject and responses are selected by @Barry-Sanchez but the words are chosen by @Fowllyd.


You have won the Sotonians part of the Internet today with that. :+1:

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He’s either appallingly briefed on UK politics or there is an enormous conspiracy in play.

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On the Corbyn point, I think you can lay most of the blame on his Parliamentary party. I think he’s someone that would quite like to Leave, sees the point in it. He has been trapped in an ideological strait-jacket.

Where he and his pals truly deserve criticism is not making a solid, left-wing case for Brexit.

I guess the big question, irrespective of your politics, is are we going to be any worse off for a new leader.

In hindsight, Cameron was unfairly maligned when he was called Britain’s worst Prime Minister. Whether you agree with his legislation or not, and I don’t, he at least managed to get it through Parliament.

My best dev used to work at the Home Office. There, Theresa May was nicknamed Teflon Theresa on account of her extraordinary longevity in the post. Personally, I think she was a piss-poor Home Secretary and an even worse Prime Minister, the worst I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

I don’t think Boris is an effective political operator on some fronts either, but I think where the British public might benefit is that he knows that too. He is better at delegating, doesn’t need the likes of Fiona Hill or Nick Timothy to grasp any sense of what the public are after. Theresa May did. For everything. She was as out of touch as Mr Burns and walked like him too.

As others have said, a very low bar to clear. You’d think anyone would be an upgrade.

Is Boris an upgrade on Theresa?

    1. Yes
    1. No
    1. Don’t know

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We will always disagree on this one - the bloke is useless and totally out of his depth - but you know that is my view so I will leave it there


Cameron wasn’t bad per se- he made a monumental error of judgement thinking that the remain vote was a shoe in.

May was dealt a shitty hand with Brexit, but her then proceeded to play in appallingly and surrounded herself with crap advisors - who told her to make the last election about personality ffs

Boris is an interesting one - he is undoubtedly bright. He has done a similar job on a smaller scale in London - some good some shit, but he did get re-elected.

He is a positive character which let’s face it, is definitely an upgrade. He could be better if he surrounds himself with good people and listens

At least he doesn’t go mental on Twitter at nightimes.

That’s it - I have got to the bottom of the barrel




Better to be noticed than not at all Saint Bland, remember that son.

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Another cunt who’ll forget the North for another 50 years.

Has anyone done:-

You think you’re getting a BJ, but you’re actually getting fucked


If not, I claim it.

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Not me.

All yours, go for it :+1:

Another positive. Jeremy Cunt is surely out of government.