🎼 Best first song on an album

:musical_score: Best first song on an album





You’re having a Jimmy. That’s not even a good song, let alone a good first song for that album.

Now best last track? You might be on a winner.




Hmm. @Chertsey-Saint either knows shit all about music or is on a flooding troll attempt.

I think you’ll find that Planet Telex is the first tune on that album.


From Who’s next, a great opener:


Ah yes, apologies - I was thinking about the Extended EP.


How could I let this thread go so far without mentioning Laughing Len? Here’s the first song from I’m Your Man, which also has a terrific opening line.


From 1994’s ‘Weight’


Can’t really listen to them anymore.

I don’t approve of some of Towno’s side projects.


And this one, the opening and title track from one of my favourite albums. Wonderful lyrics.


The opening song from “Blue Valentine”…just wonderful…



Cheating a little bit here, but it’s understandable because the opening track of this album is just a skit.

However, that, and the actual song that follows, together are a super intro to the rest of the album.


Flexi disc of coloured vinyl?


Man, I was going to come on here and lament how all the best hip hop albums start with a skit!

It’s far and away the worst thing about hip hop.

The only good skits I’ve heard are on this album and that’s because they got a proper comedian to do them. And even then, comedy is an impact thing. The only people that go back to it are those Monty Python wankers who memorise every line and repeat them to each other noisily in the pub, over a pint of carefully selected ale that they’ve ranked on their scorecard.


If we can get away from Skit’s/Intro’s then…