🎼 Best first song on an album

:musical_score: Best first song on an album


Stolen shamelessly from a 6 music topic. In the time when album tracklistlisting was a thing. Bands used to place the strongest, or most indicative song on the album in the first track. It was a statement of intent, like a foreward to a novel.

I’ll start with, the first track to Stone Roses first album. 2 mins before any vocals. The bass and guitar just creep in then, “I wanna be adored” by some mancunian bloke.










First track from 1997’s Reload


2006 black holes and revelations, saw them in 2007 and they played the entire album start to finish and it was glorious :lou_smiley:



They are great live



Boof! opener on 1997’s fat of the land which i had on cassette, multiple plays in my nissan sunny’s tape deck sadly ended it’s life.


Top stuff thats a statement


Nissan Sunnies always ended up in rust heaven :slightly_frowning_face:


They sure do, my stereo system was worth more than the car itself, which was good because it used to drown out all the crankly, grumbly falling apart type noises the car used to make :lou_smiley:


I was so fucking cool :lou_sunglasses:


First track from Blue Lines, Game changing album in my opinion,