🎼 Best first song on an album

:musical_score: Best first song on an album


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It was, if you knew the back story to the Kate Bush album / Saturday’s in Dibden Purlieu (in a completely respectful way).


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The first time I heard Aphex Twin and honestly everything was different after that.


Not their best track, no longer a cool band, but as an opening track to set up an album, ‘Movin’ on up’ by the Scream takes some beating. (Screamadelica obvs).








My view on a good first track is that it has to be prep for everything else that follows. It needs to be a firm statement of intent, essentially saying “welcome to our world, bitches. This is just the front door”.

Terms defined, I can think of few better openers than the following.

  • Welcome to the Jungle, Appetite for Destruction
  • Bombtrack, Rage Against The Machine
  • Neighborhood (Tunnels) Funeral
  • Formed a Band Art Brut


Opening songs on the Doors’ first two LPs are definitely worth a shout: