🎼 Best first song on an album

:musical_score: Best first song on an album


Don’t know about best, but for a first song on a first album back in 1969(i was a month old when released), this is a great intro to what was to follow.


Fuck off. You’re at least ten years older than me!



Hard life Cob. I’m a picture of aged disappointment(£5 a pic, for anyone that wants to scare their kids).


I’d say this is more of a bait and switch for what’s to follow. A great 3 minute rock song, when most of their other stuff was 10 minute wanky solos and lyrics about elves and ogres…


Disagree, although they have done a few long songs, but not as many as you might think.
Let’s try another albums first song.

Or moving on, no elves or orges, but start the album with some lovely pie😁


Not her best song, that comes a bit later(in the same album), but this is a hell of an introduction to, in my opinion, a massively underrated voice and album.

Any album that includes this.

And then this.

Is a beautiful rarity.


Saw her at Beautiful Days a few years ago and she was excellent.


Never seen her live, ,which is a disappointment i can’t blame on anyone but myself. Glad to hear you enjoyed her. Such an amazing voice.


Holy crap.

Haven’t heard that in years. The soundtrack of the end of my student days in Brighton and not having a clue about the real world, destructive relationships and the ending of an era etc etc etc

The standout point on that album for me is this:

It’s a real shame she’s been so fragile in her life.

Edit: and it’s a really good example of a really shit ‘80’s video…


First time that album was played to me, blew me away. What a voice. That’s why any mention of her and instantly, Jackie springs to mind.


Jackie has all the structure of an old Irish folk song which she dragged kicking and screaming into the modern day (1980’s unfortunately)

Brilliant song.



Headphones don’t do it justice

Another back in the day band :lou_lol: