🎼 Best first song on an album

:musical_score: Best first song on an album




I mean, Oh Em Gee!!



From the album of the same name. You know exactly where you stand after this tune.




I remember when I was starting to get into jazz as a teenager, this was maybe the second jazz album I ever bought. Stuck it on for the first time in my mate’s kitchen and within seconds we were strutting around the place like pimps.



I’m not a massive U2 fan but if there was a thread entitled the best, first three songs on an album it would be The Joshua Tree.

Some very female and illicit memories from this album.


Great tune - the bloke was as mad as a bucket of soapy frogs though




Great thread, @SaintBristol.

As soon as I heard this song I knew this album would be unlike anything I’d heard before, and I love it.



…but from the Tracy Chapman album - not greatest hits. Again, I thought “wow” she has something special. Great track.


Top thread, Ted.

Any number of first songs on LPs by the Zim qualify. Here’s a selection:

From Blood On The Tracks

From Bringing It All Back Home

From Freewheelin’

From Tempest (with a fucking excellent video too)

Plus, of course, from Highway 61 Revisited


If you picked up a copy of Trout Mask Replica, the whole look of the LP cover, the song titles, the names of the musicians, should tell you that you’re not about to hear something run of the mill. The first song, Frownland, confirms this. Big time.


The late, great Gram Parsons, opening song from Grievous Angel


The Congos


Nick Cave, from The Boatman’s Call


From the magnificent Forever Changes